's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Dual Force "

Submitted by Tweinge

--DATE: MAY 23, 2023
--AUTHOR: Steve Braughn

-We have found ourselves a dual force couple that we could actually capture. They always have some kind of power, and it's been really tough to get ahold of one of them for research. They also always seem to be a male and female couple, and never a same-sex couple, which is odd. Anyways, we found this pair on the streets, living in a back alley cardboard box. The only way we were aware of the fact that they were a dual force entity was the fact that they were holding hands, and their fingers were fused together in a web-shape. We grabbed them, put them in sacks, and carried them back in one of the transport vans, no one on the street noticed. The last thing we need is another law-suit on our hands, Ebon hates wrestling with the feds... It could cost us our job, or lives.

The male was wearing a raggedy coat that was barely stitched together, with a hood and cowl obscuring his face. The female was wearing a tattered overthrow on top of a ratty, plaid shirt. They both had sweatpants on. While i applaud them for not abusing their powers to rob a bank, especially in their desperate conditions, these next few weeks are going to be a living hell for them both. I hope they can brave this.

----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- -----------------------------------

--DATE: MAY 24, 2023
--AUTHOR: Steve Braughn

-They showed us their powers today, and oh boy... Did it suck. The female managed to break the neck of one of our soldiers, and as we tried to save him from bleeding out, the male created some sort of windblast with his hands, pushing us back. We could not get to the soldier in time, and he passed away. (Mortuary Report Filed) We took them down with sleep darts, and put them in shackles next to each other. It wasn't long until they woke up; if we hadn't placed the telekenetic shock cuffs on them, they would have broken out, no doubt. They appeared nervous, but were calmed down after a while: our equipment traced levels of endorphins being released in their brains. They also swapped the chemicals through the connected skin in their sides, which resembled some sort of droopy shape and was extremely thin. This was when we decided it would be good to test the first isolations out.

A doctor cut the skin apart with scissors, which caused them to both scream in pain. They seemed more concerned for each other than for themselves, however... We slid a screen in between them both, and waited. They were being supplied with enough nutrients in their blood to keep them perfectly awake and healthy. The man began to sweat profusely after about 10 minutes, and the woman began to whimper at the same time. The man clenched his teeth at approximatley 11 minutes in, and whispered soothing things to the woman, who remained at the same level of anxiety. Oddly enough, their levels of anxiety remained at exactly the same, down to the smallest measurement we could execute, and rose and fall at the same time, never differing in the slightest.

After 2 hours, with no change in anxiety, we removed the screens for a brief period in order to slide a thicker wall in between them. We also slid them farther along the wall, approximatley 2 feet from their original positions, furthring the distance between them to about 4 feet. As soon as they were in vision of each other, they both began to make frantic eye movements between them, as if they were exchanging information, or just trying to suck in the vision of their companion. The wall clicked into place. We waited.

This time, they both began the same way: sweating and whimpering. Then, after 2 1/2 minutes, their anxiety levels differed for the first time since they were in the room: the mans rose, and after a delay of 10 seconds, the womans rose to meet it. Then, the woman began to cry, and the man clenched his eyes shut and began to whisper things under his breath. (we were unable to transcribe any of what was said due to the rapid pace of the mutters) Their levels, once again, settled, and the actions were repeated in a loop, as the same way it had before.

_______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________

--DATE: MAY 25, 2023
--AUTHOR: Steve Braughn

-We moved them again. We moved them even farther, about 4 more feet, and then... They just lost it. The man yelled at the top of his lungs, his face was soaked with sweat. The woman was screaming the males name over and over, and then we executed the final test. We removed the walls, and moved them back closer together to each other. The look of immense relief on their faces as they met was heartbreaking to have to end, but with a flash of a scalpel, the males throat was cut. The woman just looked at him, and then she did what no other person had ever been able to do before: she broke out of the cuffs. Not even our super-human captives could do that. She knocked the doctors out of the way, throwing them across the room like toys, and knelt besides the man, who was already dead. No final words uttered. But she leaned in and whispered.. "I know." to his lifeless corpse. What happened next could not have been prevented.

She stomped towards the doctors with an empty look of desolation and grabbed the scalpel from the shivering, terrified doctor closest to her. She looked at him for a second, and the doctor was pleading for his life... Instead of killing him, she walked over to the corpse of her companion, tears streaming down her face, and planted her body right on top of his fallen one. "Forever." were her last words. I am deeply saddened by the loss of such a rare pair of patients, and hope to expirement further with more of their kind in the future.