's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Elise "

Submitted by Michael Balmer

The moon stares back at me with her entire magnificence tonight. She holds beauty that is almost incomparable. Nothing, however, is more breathtaking than my sweet Elise. Ive been blessed by knowing her since she was 9 years old and every day her radiance only grows. Not even cancer could rob her of her divinity. I watch as she painstakingly changes into her nightwear and struggles into slumber. One last look at her precious face and the lights are out. I could watch her sleep all night long.

I watch nearby as her mother walks her into the hospital. Today is another of many chemotherapy sessions. I wish with all my heart I could hold her now, but I know we'll be together soon. Patience will only make my love grow.

Her long, glowing locks are beginning to thin. Her eyes tell a story of agony and despair. The doctors say she hasn't much time left. Elise, you are still my angel. Your brittle, delicate features are my reason for breathing. Each day your condition worsens, I can see it, but you're still so young and so full of life and soon we'll be together. I promise.

Today all your loved ones gathered at the cemetary to say goodbye. You looked so beautiful. The funeral carried on until dark. They all will miss you so much, but you will be safe with me. I waited until everyone left to approach. They couldn't understand the bond we share. The soil was still soft and it was very easy to reach you. My shovel moved through the dirt like it wasn't there. Maybe it was just the adrenaline. As I liberated you from your wooden cell, you looked stunning. Beauty like yours shouldn't be left to rot in a fucking coffin. No, you should until the very end. And thats exactly what I plan to do. Ive been waiting to hold your tender, fragile little frame since the day I first laid eyes upon you, only 2 years ago. And now you're mine. Oh Elise, we're together at last.