's 2013 Horror Write-off:

"Expansion Log"

Submitted by Adam Bellamy


Expansion has reached critical mass. Our current size is at the maximum, further expansion cannot be maintained with our current access to fuel. Preparations for the foundation of new colonies are under way.

The fleet has been prepared; they are sufficiently fuelled and now awaiting dispatch. They have been sent to the holding area and are awaiting the launch window.

Deployment under way. Several dispersal units number 00-17 have been dispatched successfully and have left our safe zone. They will look for promising signs in the outer zones that may indicate new areas optimal for the establishment of new colonies.

Deployment successful. Good luck out there.

-- -- -- -- --


No sign of a potential base site but the surrounding vegetation is lush; it may only be a matter of time. As per protocol we will remain I the vicinity of the vegetation and await further signs.

Small life-forms are common but none that indicate ideal living conditions. No further signs of viability, it may be time to act or risk desiccation.

Encountered gigantic life-form, it was well nourished. This is the ideal parameter for site viability, this may indeed be a promising site. Our patience will be rewarded if we hold our position and anticipate further life-forms.

Upon our second encounter with a gigantic life-form we have been consumed. Environment is optimal; warm temperature, humidity high, abundant moisture.

The proglottid has landed, extension of scolex under way. Siphoning of fuel to commence shortly.

New colony established, siphoning of fuel underway. Begin expansion.