's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Frosted Glass "

Submitted by Gronkling

"Look through the frosted glass next time you see it look into it and you can see it a white flash in the jack frost forming on the side route leading towards the next day is Monday isn't it raining outside why would frost be on glass spires and pillars towered high like skyscrapers are tall man-made building a bridge to cross a stream split off into a side route of the problem is what I have about the frosted window look into it and see-saws were my favorite part of the my body is a white flesh a white flash outside the frosted glass coming closer to the lens of the eye once saw a flat tigers walk in line through the frost in the high sun shimmers down reflecting of the sea-floor can find a great treasure such as my body is where the frosted glass pierced when the red circle appeared cards in the hands a trick of the hand some sick in the sand beach are good beach as I was removed and put back in so many times tables were hard to remember the Monday morning where frost lay on a window obscuring visions of the present you with a beautiful cage of paper lions are the shards of glass on the floor don't stand on the ground near to the frosted window or you'll see-door and don't go through there my body once did the white flush of screens are what you use to viewing platform across the beautiful white frost in the garden guard an a windows of time are the opportunity to take for good business yours in this scolding hot heat from window frosting of a cake crushed in the sand on the sea-shore yellow dots flash every day is Monday says the mouth in the well I told you so a thread of time to that back frost on my side of the glass route leading towards a new age is wearing me down to the bone to pick with a camera flash of white raining the flesh of the flash flush me away to the depths of the see-more of the sea-bore to unsee-gore the flash had eye had to smash the frosted glass to looking the shards of rock on the stony floor of the building a bridge to cross a scream with floating logs of a piercing shard of heat reflecting off the sea-core it's a trick in the sand some sick in the hand over the looking glass to see-raw into the glass frost"

- urgently said the woman in hospital before she died of blood loss, though no wounds were saw.