's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Frosty "

Submitted by Ciara Boerner

He's still there

standing in that same place everyday,right next to the tree where He's been since Dad set up the decorations.

Coal black eyes glitter strangely at me from the shadows ,It's white fleecy body stands out in the dim glow of the fairy lights. I know Dad loves the creepy thing ,loves to annoy us by pressing the little red button by it's feet, making it dance and sing

He's...not as that .....but....

lately when I wake up in the morning and go downstairs, I look at the tree and see that He's moved ,shifted around to the other side ,moved up a few inches,the over- sized hat covering His head tilting so those eyes are uncovered...always facing the front

staring sightlessly at anyone who dares to get a midnight snack.

Tonight was another late night for me,with my mind overfilled and slightly giddy from lack of sleep I go through my usual ritual and go downstairs to get some water ,I don't even look towards the child-like figure lurking in the darkness and go back upstairs without a backwards glance.

Laying in bed waiting to fall asleep I realize that for once it seems that everyone else is asleep before me

I'm alone with the darkness and the silence in a way I haven't really been in a long time.It's nostalgic,... the stairs creak suddenly and I jump alittle,then relax after remembering that they just do that sometimes .or maybe one of the animals are up ?....I shrug to myself and settle back in ,adjusting the pillows and turning to face the wall

As I drift off I can just faintly hear the song "Frosty The Snowman" playing and something staring at me from the darkness of the hall.