's 2013 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Gage J.

The holidays always used to be so nice for me growing up. Everything seemed so magical.

The lights. The music. The food. The family. And the GIFTS.

I saw them talking to each other one night. There were no words but you could tell.

My family never believed me.

I watched them obsessively from then on. They knew I was watching, but if I was quick…

Eventually I was able to obtain video evidence.

I awoke to a gathering that night. They had the tape. They made me watch as they smashed it.

You’d be surprised to see how easily they can use hammers and knives without fingers.

They told me everything, because they knew no one would believe me.

My family, their throats were slit.

They left me though.

To wrap the gifts.

I can’t leave.

I can’t stop.

because They see you when you’re sleeping,

and They know when you’re awake.