's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Golden Triangle "

Submitted by Brian Shadensack

Needle slip into her vein. Blood was drawn up slightly as the heroin was drawn down. Plunger down. Shot to the vein.






"Why not the hospital?"


"I know her."


"How do you know her."

Her Head Hurt.

"We went to college together."

So did her arm.

"And I'm sure she looks like she did in college."

So did her veins.

"I checked her ID."

Throat too dry to talk, scared and confused, she had to try something.

"She could have stolen it."


"Oh she's awake, awesome."


"Stephanie? You alright?"

Stephanie, was that her name? It sounded so alien.

"It's me..."

She coughed up some blood, killing the introduction.

"Oh Jesus Christ. You're buying the apartment a new couch."

Her Skin hurt.

"We went to college together."

Hurt so much.

"You're not in college anymore, its been years. What about work?"

Was that a bulge in her arm?

"What about it?"

Did it move?

"We have to go to work."

She felt another bulge in her leg.


Her blood felt thick....

"I'm not leaving a...uhh...what's wrong with her?"


"I don't know."

Did that bulge just move?

"You don't know?"



Like worms.


Forming chrysalis...

"Why is that a big deal?"

...forming cysts....

"You asshole, what if its something contagious!? Something dangerous!?" her flesh...

"Yea because you find people dying of horrible diseases all over the city." her veins.

"You asshole, didn't we just have an outbreak of Bird Flu a month ago?"




"Yea shit, what if we get quarantined?"

Her heart hurt...

"Damn it, we are not going to be quarantined."

...her head was fuzzy...

"You don't know that."

...her arms felt heavy.

"I'm going to get fired, 'Oh I was quarantined' is the most bullshit sounding excuse ever."

As quickly as it began...

"Man, I'm sure you'll have proof." was gone.

"That not the point; the point is we might be quarantined."


"We are not going to be quarantined."


"Fuck you, picking up some transient you had the hots for years ago."