's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Ignite "

Submitted by Tweinge

It approached you from the darkness
The thing you knew was there
The one you chose to ignore
the bald thing with no hair

The surface of its skin
could rival marbles hue
the chalky white leather
pale through and through

The veins that coursed down its arms
twisting in a knot
The noseless face with yellow eyes
the mouth that was stitched shut

The dried blood that ran from its ears
Never cleaned before
The height of its body as it stood
like something out of yore

The long fingers with their sharpened points
Caressed your long brown hair
The mouth that was never allowed food
Snapped open like a bear

"You forgot about me, didn't you"
It whispered in your ear
"The thing you thought you got rid of"
"Has come back, and you knew"

"You knew you'd never kill me"
"But you tried to anyway"
"And now, my dear, I am afraid"
"It's time you ought to pay"

You had no time to scream
As it lunged at you
It's fingers tore at your throat
decapitating you

It took your head upstairs
Where it carefully went to work
Your mouth would no longer be in use
Stitched shut, you always were

It took your body with it
drank the blood with intense joy
And as for your head?
Well, it made the perfect toy