's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" I Must Go "

Submitted by Prophet Storm

Oh good grief, they're everywhere. They're everywhere they're everywhere they're every

My name is Smith. John Smith. Can you believe it? The one name no one gives their kid.

It began simply enough. I had been chosen Member of the Month of our college's Malacology Club, and as a prize, I had been mailed a specimen of a rare species of snail.

Snail? Kinda boring, I thought. I was hoping for an octopus or cuttlefish, but whatever--it's still a rare species.

Oh glory they're in my eyes

I can hardly breathe now. The snail arrived. It was healthy. It was too healthy. I gave it the wrong food and its pheromones kicked into overdrive. Snails came from everywhere in a hundred-mile radius. The place stinks of snail. I can't smell it anymore, though. They're in my nose.

The only thing more frightening than the fact that I'm being digested alive by the snails that coat the walls of my house is the fact that I can feel what they feel.

They're just as scared as I am.

I think one's in my brain.

They don't want to be here. The one that brought them here is dead, and the smell is still attracting them. It's dragging them here.

Oh dear. One in my eye socket just died. I can tell because it stopped squirming. Now it's limp.

I can feel them crunching under my feet. Where am I going?

I'm walking. No I'm not, I'm just moving. I'm blind. I'm not running into anything. Where am I going?

Oh no. I smell something. It's overpowering.

I'm...I'm sliding.

I smell it. Oh, I smell it.

I must go.