's 2013 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Alexis Feynman

Have you ever seen one of those slideshows of mistakes in popular movies?

You know, the ones with those tiny slip-ups, like the photographs in a frame changing places, or someone's hair suddenly being in a different style.

Almost every movie has mistakes like these. Tiny changes that are only noticeable if you're paying close attention, or if someone else points them out to you. It's not because you're stupid - it's a phenomenon called "change blindness." The human brain is wired to dismiss subtle changes, filing them away as a non-event before you ever get the chance to notice.

That's why we tend not to care when things change around us. For instance, if the roofs in the neighborhood next to yours suddenly change color. Or the cashier at your favorite grocery store seems to drop a breast size overnight. Or if, for example, a band that you don't listen to drops from four members to three, and no one can remember the name of the backup singer anymore.

It doesn't directly affect you, so your brain packs it away as inconsequentia.