's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Item 450 "

Submitted by Patch Anderson

Item No.:450

Containment Procedures

Item 450-A should be guarded from 12:00 P.M to 2:00 A.M, depending on where it is located at the current time. At no times are any of the staff to fall asleep, as the negative effects of 450-B-1 through 4 will activate. Incenses are to be burnt around the perimiter of Item 450-B, lest 450-B-5, otherwise known as [ERASED], escape the confines of 450-A.If 450-B-5 escapes, a shipment of Item 12 should be placed around the focal point of the activity, which is located in [CENSORED FOR SAFETY] room of the house. A psychic should be in the room to negotiate with 450-B-5.


Item 450-A is a house located in [CENSORED FOR SAFETY], England. The former owner of the hose was Madame Belladonna, a noblewoman who had several affairs. Histroical documents about the area show that she had a husband and 2 children lived there once, but unfortunately, the children died of tuberculosis. Madame Belladonna and her husband died 2 years later. It is believed that the husband murdered the noblewoman for having an affair, then commited suicide.
Item 450-A contains 5 entities, listed as 450-B 1 through 5. The first four consist of a male figure and 2 small figures, and a female figure. The first four have not been known to hurt living beings, but they do cause disturbing hallucinations. The final figure, however, has been shown to be able to attack and maim humans, whether throwing objects at them or charging straight forward. It has also been shown to feed off sources of electricity, growing stronger from succesive feedings. Thus, we should be cautious when using flashlights near the figure.
Amendment:Dr. Alex Gespens has been found dead after testing Item 012 on 450-B-5. He was flayed alive, and this was carved on to the wall "IWN".