's 2013 Horror Write-off:

"It's Been Three Days"

Submitted by Daniel Cowart-Goldberg

It's been three days.
Everything is yellow, and red, and blue. I think those are colors, but its been so long
Its been three days
Everything is black,and white and grey. I know those are colors. Its been a short while since I learned that.
Those are the only colors, you know. Oh, sure, you thought there were others. Those ones are easy. Red is black, you just messed up the name.
Its so easy to get black, these days.
Blue is white, you just forgot.White is harder to find, in this time.
And grey is so easy. Its everywhere. I'm not sure where the grey came from. But rest assured, it came from the sky.
Maybe thats why there is less white.

It's been three days. Three is a number, isn't it?
Today, I found a black thing in the ground.
I put a hose inside, and the hose started spewing white.
Good, I started running out of paint.

It's been three days.
I have an excess of white paint. it keeps turning the black into a weird grey.
I don't like it. Theres only black and white, and grey.
There aren't anymore, are there?
I only know the three, I can't be wrong, can I?
I think I'll call the new color grey.

Three days have passed since it started.
The black started drying up. I've had to resort to drinking white.
I don't think I can drink grey.
I saw that grey thing with some grey. I couldn't get any black from it.
White tastes weird.

It's been three days.
I went back to that grey place.
I found all my white things, but the ones I can't drink.
There were other me's there.
All the people in white who looked at me were gone.
Maybe they drank grey?

It has been three days.
I've run out of white.
I went over to the black thing with my hose, but there was no more.
Its only been three days since I found it though.
Maybe me took some?
I didn't know me's could take white.

three days since ran out of black
inside is black
you just have to know how to get to it
theres no more
going to drink that grey

I found more than three.
I think I'm grey.