's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Journal "

Submitted by Mysterious Maverick

june 14 2005

heard about a place a few miles south of here, down in eureka. everybody says its the place to go. abandoned, nobody ever goes in anymore. people do say theres always food there. some old factory they shut down in 03. nobody ever said why. i dont care that much, long as i can stay for a spell without some damn crackhead chasing me out with a steak knife. some rumor going around, said the place is haunted or some shit like that. people disappearing. i don't believe it. gotta be either people hogging all the good squat spots or just moving on.


think ill head out tomorrow.


june 16 2005

hitched a ride in a freit car to get here. it stinks in eureka. not as bad as ruth but damn, i kinda thought it would be at least a bit cleaner. its still a days walk to the factory. i started asking around for directions, but everybody just said not to go there. one guy pulled out a knife and started waving it around, asshole. got a couple of guys interested in going with me though.

this guy, everybody calls him bishop, always got a bible on him. seems like a nice guy, but he wont shut up about the scripchers and the end of days and all that.

then we got harvey. he can't see in one eye, said he got some kinda worm in his head. ate some bad meat or something. hes kinda demanding, always asking for help.

it's still a days walk to that factory place. were gonna stay the night at bishop's spot and go in the morning.


june 18 2005

finally made it. was too tired from the walk to write the other day. this place is just filthy. blood all over the place. smells horrible. bishop says it's an old meat packing plant. that explains the blood and the smell, but i still dont like it. we came this far though, so we're not leaving.

all that blood on the floor though, the workers did a shitty job cleaning up the place before they shut it down.


june 19 2005

another guy got here today. said his name's tom. everybody told him the same thing they told me, dont come here, it's haunted, people disappear. he didn't believe it either. tom brought some booze with him. not the best but sauce is sauce. might have to grab a swig when hes not looking. bishop said he heard something in one of the rooms today. we cant get over there, the roof caved in over the door. probably rats, wild dogs, something like that. probably some leftover meat in here that theyre after.

it stinks worse than usual today.


june 20 2005

i stole some of tom's booze. it was shitty but i havent had a drink in days. tom was pretty pissed. he yelled and threw a bottle at me. he slept in another room tonight. i heard those noises bishop was talking about tonight. sounded like scratching and yipping. gotta be wild dogs, way too big for rats. harvey heard it too, he said it wasnt like a dog. he said it was too big. probably cayotes or something.

that smell came back again today. its kinda like rotten meat or something. god, it stinks.

bishop said he smelled it when that scratching noise was going on.

probably mangy then.


june 21 2005

tom was gone this morning. harvey said those dogs probably got him. they might be rabid. there was blood in the room where he slept, and there was a hole in the floor. probably caved in or something. tom probably fell in and broke his leg and the dogs got him when he was hurt and couldnt run.

he left his booze behind. it wont go to waste. we'll hold a service for him tomorow night. we dont really have a priest. i think as close to that we'll get is bishop.

tom's room had that rotten meat smell to it. i really dont like this place anymore.


june 22 2005

we held a service for tom tonight. bishop gave a good speech. none of us really got to know tom too well. he was kind of an ass though.

bishop heard those clawing noises. he said they sounded too big to be dogs. god, i really dont like this place. i regret ever coming here. the meat stink is all over the place, worse than it ever has been, tom's dead, and that damn scratching sound won't stop! it sounds like it's underneath us. but this place was built on a concrete foundation, theres no way anything could be under it.

we all agreed that the three of us are leaving if things don't start getting better.


june 23 2005

i hate this place.

something is very very wrong here. me and bishop tried to open the door but it wouldnt open. i mean it wouldnt budge either way. two grown men couldnt open that door, and there aren't any windows here either.

we're trapped. id never touch a drop of alcohol again in my life if it meant being able to get out of here.

what the hell's trapping us though?


harvey was gone this morning too.

there was a trail of blood leading into another hole in the ground.

god help me.

please. just get me out of here.


i finally saw one of those things.

theyre not dogs.

there's no way in hell that was a dog.

it looked kinda like a man but it was all thin.

kinda hunched over.

had a weird snout like a dog.

good god it stank. it smelled like that meat smell this place reeks of, but a lot worse.

it was crouched in a corner in one of the rooms, the door was open and we saw it's eyes. it ran when it noticed us, ran into a hole in the ground.

please get me out of here.


bishops dead too now.

those things

they grabbed him

three of them dragged him into a hole in the ground.

those god damn holes

i tried to save him

i couldnt get his hand in time

he screamed as they pulled him down

im next

dear god im next

i cant escape

im trapped in here and i know im about to die


please god help


im hiding out in the meat locker now

i can hear them outside

theyre looking for me

theres no way out

they know im here

theyre just toying with me

i know they are


please someone sav