's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Mind the Future "

Submitted by Infernalthing

Technology evolves fast, we achieved some interesting goals over the years.

For example, scientists created robot arms controlled by your mind. Virtual reality became real with new gaming devices giving you the feeling you are there.

Now they work on controlling the computer with your mind. Wouldn't it be faster to do anything on your computer with your mind?

A device with which you can write faster, draw better, play better and whatnot on your computer.

One day this technology will be present on most computers and people would love it.

But... As you would know, your internet activity is monitorred so nothing from what you do can be a secret. If you access the internet with the future device I talked about earlier, wouldn't it be possible for others to access your mind? Wouldn't they be able to know what you know?

Can this make possible a hivemind to take place? Wouldn't they brainwash you? Will brain-hacking be a thing?

High technology makes things easier therefore invading privacy would be easier too.