's 2013 Horror Write-off:

"Mirror Mirror"

Submitted by Cameron Macfarlane

There's this big, old dusty mirror in the small bathroom at the back of the house. And, to be completely honest, I really can't tell why, but it's always given me the creeps. It's got a big, mouldy wooden frame that smells funny, and a weird gauze or something like that on the reflection that makes it look almost hazy, like light fog, and it's large, bulky size makes it look way to big in the cramped area of the bathroom.

It's kind of good for the most part.

But, very occasionally, I'll glimpse something, just a glance, out of the corner of my eye through the mirrored room before me. And then I'll snap to look at it and it'll be gone, just a trick of the light.

This happens, periodically, maybe once every few weeks, but it's never been anything big.

At least, I'm pretty sure it hasn't. It's just a trick of the light, anyway...

So, I was brushing my teeth this morning, and I'm really rushing it too so I can get to my work on time to cash a check, when I happen to glance up to where the shower is on the mirror.

And nearly jump out of my skin.

Sitting where the shower is supposed to be is ... well, nothing. Just an empty area, and my shadow cast against the wall, like its trying to make up for the empty space or something.

My eyes dart from the mirror to the wall behind me, where there is most definatly a shower.

Back to the mirror.

No shower.

By now, I've gone from terrified to intrigued, and so I begin to inch my way towards the shower, careful not to take my eyes off the mirror.

I settle inside the shower, and my reflection just stands in the empty space on the mirror and, presumably because the floor of the shower is raised, It just sort of hovers there, in mid-air.

And then I notice something.

My shadow hasn't moved an inch.

In fact, it just sort of sits on the mirrored wall, looking as if its fixed to the background, like a prop on a stage.

Now extremely perplexed, I decide to test something.

I get out of the shower and cautiously begin to work my way to the sink, eyes never wavering from the beastly mirror before me.

I lower my hand to grab a hair pick from the sink, and slowly, carefully take aim at the mirror.

The pick whizzes through the air and bounces off the mirror with a resounding thud, and to my surprise, the whole screen pulses and ripples like a pool of water, and the scent of the mouldy wood grows noticeably stronger, almost overpowering.

Now completely freaked-out, I rush to the exit, flinging my full weight against the door. It doesn't budge. I scramble with the handle, desperate, screaming at the door and fiddling with the lock. Not a thing.

Terrified and helpless, I look back to the mirror. As if on cue, the reflected room begins to pulse again, parts detoriating and materializing like its nothing.

I can't look away.

The reflection swings and sways independent from the mirror, like a cabin on a ship. Things flash in and out of existence, the gauze starts becoming increasingly clear, and for a mere, fleeting second the room looks like normal.


The mirror room begins to rapidly change. The walls morph to a sickly, unearthly green and bubble with hideous swelching sounds, the floor bulges with unnaturally lifelike movement and drive, the shadow begins to flail and convulse its limbs independently like someone's bad puppetry, andynkshzqkal---skzakallal... Z. .. Z. :):(((@


Sorry. I must have fainted or something...

I got out.


I still have the mirror, too.

And I still see things in the corners of that beastly mirror.

And every time, it will bring back memories of that hideous, blackened, nightmarish morning.

And I'll run back to the corner of the room, eyes wide, screaming at the top of my lungs and hurling anything within reach at anything that dares make a sound.

And never, EVER, daring to glance at that old, gauzy mirror, sitting upon the back wall, watching everything.

Feeling nothing.