's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" A Mother's Musings "

Submitted by Prophet Storm

We were patient. We nurtured the brown earth and it gave forth green. We watched as the green encompassed the earth in a display of goodness and growth. We were content. We had no reason to kill. But then came the meat. And it grew and it smothered what was green, leaving behind it filth and evil. The meat and its kin spilled blood and darkness across the earth in those first massacres until we learned how to defend ourselves. The wars were cataclysmic. The balance was lost time and again, and when darkness threatened to engulf us, we were betrayed--and by our traitor we were spared.

Greenness spread across the earth again, this time working hand in hand with our enemy. We were relegated to the deepest jungle, the remnant of a once benevolent mother force. The enemy-green grew strong and thrived despite the enemy's workings, until the Turning. The green began to sicken and die, and the enemy pushed it back and built great bastions and fortresses of filth and disease. It was then, when the creatures of darkness, pale meatflesh quivering with hatred of what grows, pushed back the jungle, we grew strong again. We had sustenance, and we took the enemy into our care, nurturing it and giving it comfort. We made a friend of our enemy. Such is as it has always been.

We grew as the enemy-green withered, the new-green, the infant-green that couldn't withstand the enemy's filth. We grew and we took in the tiny meatchildren as our own. We loved them. We cared for them. And still, what few evaded us hated us, trying to kill us. But they shall never. We are Gaia. We are Mother.

We have spoken with the forests, heard the rumblings of the ancient forest-fathers, and seen the souls of the flowers. We have seen the souls of little red flowers, for we are their Mother.

We are Gaia.