's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Obsessed With Monsters "

Submitted by Reese Yeeter

I love monsters. Nightmares. Fates worse than death. They infest my mind harmlessly like bacteria in a digestive tract. I cannot think of a single monster idea that did not amuse me. I spent sleepless nights reading the darkest, most twisted creepypastas out of every corner of the internet. I fell in love with monster story sites at first sight. SCP Foundation,,, Creepypasta Wiki, Godzilla NES Creepypasta, and many more sites and stories flood my mind, creep through my every eerie thought, and lurk in my dreams. I do not just love monsters. I am obsessed with them. I am shunned from civilization, called a "freak" by many. I do not mind. Who needs them? I have what I want. Monsters. I never get tired of torturing my brain with them until my neurons screech in fear. I like to think monsters are everywhere. And they are. Humans are the worst monster. There are billions. I'll let "gross" parasites turn my body into their home. Their world. I would not bear to live in a world without monsters. Some say I am insane. But they never look deep enough. Into their largest fears. If they did, they would understand me. They would worship me for showing them the true meaning of life. Our lives. We need monsters. I need monsters. You need monsters. Love monsters. Love them with me. I am a monster. You are a monster. We are all monsters. Civilization. I beg of you to accept me. I beg. Think of me. Please. We can all be like one, big hive-minded alien beast. If we work together to achieve this. Do not leave me in the dust just because I think differently. You understand. If you do not, you will. You must. Just do as I do. Know the monster. Love the monster. Be the monster. You can and will be one. With me. With everyone.