's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" On Reflection "

Submitted by William Walls

Okay, that was weird. Cut myself shaving. My jawline looked a little further to the left. Mirror didn't seem wonky.


Saw something freaky earlier. I was working in the office the other day when I caught a glimpse of my reflection. Could have sworn earlier It was writing with it's right hand too. Damnit, Should stop thinking too much abuot those mirrors.


Cut myself shaving again this morning. might need a new morror - Okay, Shaving mirror just broke. Suction pad let go of the wall as I was writing that. So yeah, Definitely need a new one.

And after all that effort to ign


You know how people straighen up when they were slouching if someone they're trying to impress passes by?

Cut myself again. New mirror seems just fine though.


Got an appointment with the dentist. Think my gumline is receding.


Dentist says my teeth are fine. charged me an arm and a leg for that assessment.

Sure don't look it.

If fact, back of my teeth tingled all the while he was taking a look.


Okay I can't ignore it any more I can hear a dull thumping each night I covered the mirror a long time ago I look terrible. My hands claw at the window constantly. The leaking blood has started to ruin the carpet.

I'm calling Mike.


I tried showing mike. It behaved itself the whole time while mike wasn't looking. the blood and the cracks at the bottom stayed where they were. But mike suggested that I just cut myself on them. After all, I seem to have lost my coordination. He pointed to all the little cuts on my face.

the bastard snarled me my may. The ridges on my teeth are all wrong. Of course it did this while mike wasn't looking.

He said if it bothered me that much, why don't I just remove the mirrors? I pointed to the front door window.

He insisted on at least trying to unscrew the bedroom mirror. I had already tried. Pointed out the screws had been worn completely smooth on the inside. While he was looking it just kept getting closer to him. when mike stood up it returned back to my normal self.

Mike took another long look at the mirror. Backed away slightly, then said he'd finished.


It's not just the bedroom mirror. They're all trying to escape.

Tried taking a photo. came out perfectly normal.

It threw it's camera at the mirror. another crack.


It's obvious. What this thing wants.

I wonder if this will bring 7 years bad luck, I wonder if that would be worth it...


It worked. But now all the rest have a friend. And the glass has more cracks.