's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Organe "

Submitted by Tweinge

The vat was full of something vile.

An old, metal vat, with rust all over the sides, dripping a foul liquid. The cracks that ran it through were a testament to just how long it had been in operation, when it should've been lopped off at the head when it was born. A horrific thing allowed to continue and even praised by others. A living, breathing nightmare.

Inside of it, overflowing it and barely contained was a mass of crimson flesh, seething and pulsing, gurgling and choking. Eyeballs blinked in different spots, tentacles lashed at the air like they were trying to grab a reason, fingers and toes squirming in clumps of tissue hardened with bone shards and fragments like pincushions. The worst part was the teeth.

The hundreds and hundreds of mouths that coated it like a carpet, the waving cilia moving things along its path and into one of the many waiting chasms. They rose up and slightly swayed as if unsure of themselves, and then swooped down and gorged themselves on another mouth. The mouths would eat each other, digesting the teeth, breaking apart the gums and smashing them with hard-broiled waves of digestive acid, devouring them with gusto and spitting them back out the other end.

They came out the other end like a mass of crushed kernels, and would reform into something, scattering off into the darkness on spidery limbs, beady eyes flickering back and forth.

The only thing lighting the scene was a single illuminated bulb on a row of other, broken and burned bulbs. Light cast onto the squishy mass would reveal thick veins pumping nutrients throughout the body, keeping it alive for reasons known only to itself. Heads emerged on rare occasions, like the nightmare was trying to duplicate humanity itself, but were quickly swallowed by one of the many, more powerful mandibles, squealing as they were crushed into pulp.

The ever present darkness would swallow entire sections of it, hiding it from view as the bulb swung back and forth like a pendulum, smacked by embryotic hands, translucent with the unformed gift of life. The gift of life was being stolen and used by this thing. The Thing.

The noise it made was horrible. Groaning mixed with the sounds of wet saliva hitting the floor, dribbling down the vat. The slap of embryonic fluid coated hands hitting other parts of the flesh, like a wet glove hitting a balloon filled with mud. It could keep even the most hardened of soldiers or criminals up at night for years after. Not like anyone who got close to it would survive for very long, because they'd be scooped up and gnawed in half before they could blink. Absorbing their vitamins and their very flesh to reform it into itself. A self sustaining thing getting ever closer to critical mass.

One day, something else happened to this monstrosity. It swallowed 3 heads at once, which had just emerged from the very bottom of the vat, where they were born and rose like air. This had never happened before. 2 of the heads squealed in pain and terror as they were smashed apart by the teeth, but one of them let out a horrific screech as its tounge was chomped off and slid down into the belly of the beast. The entirety of the creature, weighing just over 40 tons, began to convulse. Right in the center of it, a pole of flesh began to rise, a mountain of organic material, growing ever higher until it reached its peak... It formed into a gigantic screaming face for a fraction of a second, tounge lolling out, white eyes rolling back to see the pink veins, screaming at the top of its lungs. It was heard for miles and miles as the mound fell back into itself, rolling the tides of flesh, and the 3 heads, which had been chomped into another gross pile, were ejected from the creatures anus.

But this time it wasn't a spider-like creature, feeble in shape and stature. No thin limbs, nothing easily breakable. A living doppelganger of man rose up and looked at the light, flexing its arms and legs. The nightmare had finally birthed a direct clone of man. It extended a finger towards the source of the glow as it stuttered, struggling to provide power, finally wearing down after all these years. It grinned. The light went out.