's 2013 Horror Write-off:

"Plague Doctor"

Submitted by Etan Nichols

"There's not much we can do here, doctor."
"There's always something we can do."
"Well, I'd be interested in hearing about it."
"Hand me the red bag."
"The red one?"
"All right. Here."
"Hold this."
"What is it?"
"What does it look like?"
"I don't know what it looks like."
"Well, the round coil is an electrostatic radian-draw."
"The cone is a telluromagnetic discharge point."
"The crescent-shape is a trigger."
"Right. Now what does any of this do?"
"Hold this. And connect these to the patient's temples."
"What are you doing, doctor?"
"Do as I say."
"The trigger?"
"Right. Holy..."
"Now you see why I don't use this very often."
"What is that?"
"I'll need to kill it quickly. Hand me that copper rod. There."
"What in the name of..."
"We try to kill them with medicine, but when we can't, we have to resort to other means."
"Yes, sir."
"These things are the creatures responsible for causing the plague."
"Those daemonic...things?"
"Fascinating. And frightening!"
"On to the village square, sir?"
"Yes. We'll have to consult the blacksmith for a replacement rod."
"Will he have one?"
"He's an old friend of mine, he'll have one."
"The Church will be very interested--"
"Yes, but we must not tell them. They must not know until 1350."
"Replace your mask, Hawkins."
"But Doctor Faust..."
"No, Hawkins. The illusion must be maintained. Replace your mask. We proceed to the village square. We are Plague Doctors. This is our lot."