's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Plumbing "

Submitted by Kevin Stanley


A few nights ago, my toilet started making an odd noise. It was a rhythmic sound, as if a pump kept sucking in air over and over. I would have opened the tank and checked things out myself, but I didnít want to make things worse than they already were. I called around a bit, trying to find someone to come and fix it, but everywhere I called told me that it was just normal, that some toilets make sounds like that sometimes. But this definitely wasnít normal. It was happening almost constantly, and it just didnít sound right, something just seemed off about the noise. It didnít sound like a normal pump should sound. And then, one night, as I stepped out of the bathroom, the noise stopped. I smiled, thinking it had stopped, and was about to keep walking when more noises came forth, but not from the tank. I heard the gurgling of bubbles travelling through water, and then the swishing of water in the bowl. Then soft, damp plaps. I turned to look back in the bathroom and saw it. The soft, pale skin of an almost completely round head, peeking itís huge, glassy eyes over the rim of the bowl, little bony fingers with round bulbous tips clinging to the edge of the basin. Our eyes locked, neither of us moving for a few moments. And then it slowly retracted its hands back under the water and sunk down. I heard the sound of bubbles moving through the pipes again. And then the noise began again.