's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Predatory Face "

Submitted by Anonymous

Have you ever seen a man’s face stretch out like some sort of pharyngeal jaw, wrapping itself over the face of another man? It’s not pretty.

What I especially hated about it was that I had seen it coming. You know these awkward moments when you just look at a scene and your brain suddenly starts conjuring the most hair-raising thing that could happen next?

Say, a giant leather boot hovering over an unsuspecting toddler as he’s playing in the park, and then coming down to squish him like a bug… really taking its time to grind his body into jelly? And then it actually happens? No? Well, hooray for you. But that’s how it goes for me.

For the longest time, I had honestly believed the scorpion-tailed cats – at least I prefer to think of them as “cats”- were the worst. Popping up all over the place ever since I first “predicted” them. Always with the hissing, the bulging eyeballs and the exposed, needle-like teeth. Always popping up when people - other than me, mind you - expect them the least.

But snapping face guy, he takes the cake. I mean the cats have killed a lot more folks, but something about it just felt really, really wrong.

We were just standing there in that office, discussing a fairly boring, standard business deal with that white guy, and then suddenly this thought creeps up in my head, like: FUCK, what if…

Forget ‘what if’, it happens right then and there. One second he’s talking and gesturing around like a normal guy in a suit, then ‘BAM’. Or ‘FLATSCH’. I don’t know how to describe the sound exactly, I suppose it was kinda wet and German-sounding. Anyway, Marty is standing a little too close to the guy, so it’s his head who gets sucked in.

By the time the ambulance and the police get there, he’s all suffocated, and face guy with him, as if he had taken in more than he could chew.

I’m seriously starting to wonder why this stuff keeps happening around me, you know? I mean so far I always thought of these things as “predictions”…

Anyway, gotta run. Nothing personal, but I don’t wanna stick around you. I really don’t need to see THAT.