's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Quantum Reality "

Submitted by Infernalthing

You know what quantum reality is? It's a theory that says that every possible event happens in an alternate reality.

So that means if you flip a coin there's a reality where you get heads, another where you get tails. But in some realities the coin could fall down, launched incorrectly, you changed your mind to not flip or any other situations.

Even the most unpredictable or unlikely events happen in some reality. Things like: all players winning the lotto, do a quiz about something you don't know and pass it, hit a bullseye with your eyes closed and other are happening in alternate realities.

Had a great day? Somewhere it was your worst day.

Crossed the street in a hurry? Somewhere you were hit by a car.

You gamble? You could end up rock bottom or a millionare. Or somewhere between. Or quit gambling.

You played with fireworks? Somewhere you had an accident with them.

Had a surgery? Somewhere it wasn't successful.

Almost slipped on the staires? Somewhere you did an hit your head caussing paralysis.

Made an harmless prank? It didn't end well somewhere.

Every outcome is possible. The question is, when you will be unfortunate to have one really bad outcome?