's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Radula "

Submitted by S. Palevsky

Dead stuff on my tongue
Snacking in the sun
Sliming up the trees
Filtering disease
Dead stuff gets me high
Watch while I glide by
Saprophytic germ
Parasitic worm

Dig up the pitches and
Yearn for the riches
I cram down the
Back of my

Dead things make me drool
Feasting like a ghoul
Scavenging I feed
Satisfy my greed
See that rotton splat
I'll get fat on that
Render in a blur
That's my pot to stir

Zig through the ditches and
Churn up the pitches
I jam down the
Back of my

Chew it baby, Through it baby
Stew it baby, Spew it baby
Eat up until you're full

Butter on your knife
Dig into my skin
Lucky no harpoon
(Deadly ocean kin)
Dead just like the frog
In my shell I fry
Rid me from your pond?
I can never die

Swig down what twitches, you
Yearn for the riches
I slam down the
Back of my