's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Rinse "

Submitted by Zoe Keidong

Your flip flops are starting to pull apart, but you still wear them in the shower, for some arcane health measure that the school puts you though. At least you're less likely to slip with these on. Alright, let's see if you can remember this.

The towel (That you actually remembered this time, yay!) goes on the door, along with your robe. Underwear and keys go in the robe pocket, and then it's time to get in.

The shower knob has to be completely turned around at least twice, or the warm water can't come out, only the cold. Twist it a little more so it won't be scalding.

Okay, a little scalding is good, but not too much! You don't know how blisters will react with running water, and you don't want to find out.

So you step in and- GOD WHY IS IT SO HOT? No wait, it's getting a little better now. Good thing you already twisted that knob or this would be really cumbersome.

Step in a little more, a little more.

So you step in and let the shower embrace you. Even though it is water and has no feelings for you what so ever, saying that it sort of likes you will make the process go smoother. Do not look down at those. Do not point your eyes at those- Those fucking ducks. Those fucking foam duckies. They are always there. She probably put them there for her times in here. Why even put them here? It's not like they will keep you from slipping with only two of them on the floor. Just keep your eyes away from them. Just look up.

There we go. Now pick up the soap. You know how to use soap, it's almost intuitive at this point. Just take that lump of congealed lard and rub it all over your fleshy surface. Armpits, crotch, butt; those are the basic areas, but if you want to put it anywhere else, go free! There's no real rush that you know of.

Then rinse.

No, you don't need to shave your armpits. There is no real benefit to taking a razor to there and scraping it. It'll pull and you might get cut, and there will be more chances that oder will come out, and honestly, you have no one to impress with that. Fine. You can take the hair off.


Now, time for your mind.

Take the wash. Only use a quarter size when you first go, or it will take out too much. Now put it on your head and scratch it in. Let it soak in as much as possible. Draw them out. Draw them out. That's what you're here to do. Take your hands now, and wring your hair under the water. If it's a greyish pile of bubbles, it's coming. Keep wringing. Keep wringing. They will be here any moment now.

She probably hates you. She hates your voice, she hates your shape, she hates your face, she hates your smell, she hates the crackling of your fingers when you move. She hates you as much as you hate her. You both are hateful beings and-

There's one down. Look at the floor again. Yes, do it. At least its not near the ducks. You can see it, right? The lump of slick, tumorous bad thought, darkened? Push as close to the drain as you can. It's time to get busy.

Do not focus on them. Let them get pulled from your head one by three by two. You know you'll hear them flop onto the floor, murmuring to you. Murmuring hateful things. You don't need them. Let them go.

If you hear that since you picked at your acne all those months ago, she probably thinks you do it every time you look in a mirror, popping out pus and blood, scarring your face again and again, since she's so smug, why do you never see her faulted skin? She can't wear makeup all the time, just pull it away from your ear and let it slip down. Let it go to it's brethren, down the pipes.

You feel like you want to rip off your own skin sometimes with her. Just pull it off and let the water push the filth away. Maybe then you'll be- What are you doing? Get that out of you right now. It must have gotten stuck in your head. Just push it, push it out. You can feel it clinging to your hair, can't you? Why don't you go out there and rip that pristine little face off of her head. Go on. Rip her face right off.

Rip her face

Rip her face

Rip her face

Rip her face

Rip her face

Rip her face

Rip her face

Rip her face

And down it goes. Right down the drain, like all the others.

Rinse. Just rinse. Everything is fine. Just rinse.