's 2013 Horror Write-off:

"Rumors on a City Street Corner"

Submitted by Tbok1993

Hey didja hear? Ya know the free clinics they have around here? Yeah, the ones with that funky bird for a logo. I hear they offer secret abortions on the side. Yeah, I know that bill booted “those” clinics out, still don't mean they're not there.

I think they've been bribing the cops. Weird Jimmy said they take 'em and flush 'em into the sewers. Nobody looks in there he said. I dunno if he's lyin'. Could explain what happened to Lou's plumbing place when the clinic moved in, covered their tracks yanno. Poor bastard. I can't believe a guy could lose so much blood. Hell, I can't believe a guy had so much blood in 'im!


Hey didja hear? They're demolishin' the old concert hall. Said it's a fire hazard, target for arson, or at least that's what the chief said.

Yeah, I saw it smokin' too. Musta been somethin' they saw in the basement. Weird Jimmy once showed me a picture of it, said he took it while spelunkin' around one of the times for his “stuff”. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was for sniffin' glue, but shuddup, 'cause there's somethin funny about that pic.

There's a fuck ton of smoke and it's a shitty pic, but there was a guy in the background. Well, it looked kinda like a shadow, or a biiiig cat, but it was kinda hard to tell. I know it ain't any o' those things because damned thing looked like it was on fire. It had glowin' white eyes and a big ol' glowy tongue.

No, I don't know how a shadow's supposed to burn, but it's not a shadow! It's for real, I swear to god if I'm lyin' I'm dyin. Dammit, I need to ask him for that pic next time I see 'im.


Hey didja hear? The old lady down the street died. Yeah, the spinster in the big old house in the one they'd wanted to condemn a few years back. And ya won't believe what they found there! One of the guys down the street's old man was on police duty when they got in the house, water everywhere, gushin' on the floors. They found the lady in the sink, face down, in the garbage disposal.

No, she didn't, that's the thing! Her face looked all normal, except for these little bitty holes, right on the major veins, thick as a popsicle stick! She was white as a sheet, no blood at all!

He said they called a plumber, and when they tried to cut open, there were a buncha worms in there. Yeah, big long skinny ones, like tapeworms, every inch o' pipe. He said they never found where the worms ended, and he snuck in before they cleared out the place and took a picture of 'em on his phone. Yeah, I have the pics this time, I'll show 'em to ya for two bucks....

What?! Fuck you, that's a good price!


Hey didja hear... About the pizza place? Yeah, the real shitty one in the east side with the broken sign. It's a front, for some sorta organized crime. Or somethin'. No really, my big bro saw a guy in a trenchcoat come in there, went by that one bad plug with the sparks and pushed, like, a knife or a fork or somethin' in it.

Guy at the counter, you know, the one with the eyepatch, came out and handed him something. No he didn't say what. He just said it was “twitchy” and “wet”. Oh yeah, and the guy left these weird yellow footprints when he went out. Kinda gummy-lookin'. Bro sniffed it, got a rash like ya wouldn't believe.

By the way, want some leftover pizza? Bro said I could give it away... Ah, I didn't think so.


Hey didja hear? You won't fucking believe in the apartments last night! Yeah, it was a fire, but you missed out on the best part! I saw it when I woke up today, the fire only got a few of 'em. Not like normal fire neither, stopped right on the lines between houses, everything inside each apartment burnt, everything outside like nothing happened!

They're tryin' to figure out who did it, but they're havin' a hard time last I saw. They got footprints, but they don't look like people footprints. Look sorta like a hand, or a cat's paw. And there's those burnmarks of that monkey, tiger, man thing marked on the wall. They said there's 5 of them , but I found thirteen more just lookin' around

Oh, hey, weird Jimmy's comin' by. Hey Jimmy, you won't beli- Hey, where ya goin' Jimmy?!

Ah well, his loss. Anyway, I mapped 'em all out on one o' the maps they put on the bottom floor and... Hey that's funny. Looks like it's an arrow...


Hey didja hear? Willie's been sellin' some bad drugs. I heard it from Hobo joe. Yeah, I know he''s a schitzo bastard, but didn't you see his skin this week! Bullshit, you can't get that from drinkin' Listerine pal, I don't care how fucking much he chugs it! No, I DON'T care what Bill says, cough syrup does NOT do that to your skin! Yeah, I know it does shit to your eyes, but purple isn't one of the col-

Gahhhh. Can I get back to my fucking story?! Anyway, he said he got it from his dealer. The one they found drowned on top of that building. No lie, here's the article in the paper. Ahhhh, now you're interested. Anyway, he said the guy gave 'im a big discount on it, showed me some of it. It looked like dead bugs, kinda like roaches. Or flies. Fucker was probably high when he showed it to me.

He says it's like acid, but you always see the same things, same world. He didn't tell me what exactly he saw when I asked him. He just said he saw things. Bad things. And the he started laughing and vomiting up teeth. Dog teeth. I left when his foot fell off.

Wait, you WANT to see that?! You sick bastard, I'll take ya there! + Hey didja hear? About the thing that washed up during the storm? Yeah, I know it was too big to technically have been washed outta the grate. I think I saw a dog pullin' it out before ma called me back. Ya didn't touch it, didja?!

No, I didn't either. Got in a few pokes with a stick though, before ma started yellin' and callin' the sanitation department. She never lets me have any fun. I did get to see 'em cut it open though. Looked like it was fulla slimy spaghetti, and it was moving, Like a clump o' worms!.

I don't get what the guys in those weird vans with the bird on the side were there. I think they were from that clinic. I'm pretty sure they brought the flamethrowers though. Lit the thing up like a trash fire...

What? Bullshit! Tommy's a fucking liar, they haven't done any abortions in this city since 2007! Though, now that you mention it, it did look kinda like one o' those now that you mention it. Like a big fat melty baby. But, they don't have that many eyes, so I'm still not sold on it. + Hey didja hear? You know that grafitti, the one with the weird little hairy guy with the long legs and the big nose? C'mon, ya can't 've missed it, it's been all over the city, got those words below it “HELDY LIVES!”

Ah, now you're getting' it. Wait, you thought his nose was a WHAT?! Dude, you're nasty. Anyway, I'm sayin' this because I saw him makin' one. I think it was a him. He looked just like he did on the grafitti.

Swear to god I ain't lyin'. Would I really try- wait you believe me? Thank god, there's enough weird shit goin' down in this town that I hate having to justify this shit. Anyway, you know how it doesn't really look like a spraycan made it? Well, I saw him licking it on. I think he was licking it on anyway, it was this big, ugly thing, smearing this black spit on there like a paintbrush. Then he just walked off, with this weird floaty shuffle, like those marionettes you see those street performers with. I don't think he even noticed me.

But it gets even weirder. A few seconds after, I saw a guy jump on him with a pair of scissors. He was cutting at... nothing, I think, but after a few seconds of him doin' this, it fell down, like a broken doll, an' he just looked at me and hoisted it up over his shoulder and dragged 'im away No, I didn't get anything distinctive about him, it was dark, all I remember was that obnoxious green suit, and that tattoo on his neck. Looked like some kinda weird bird I think, like that one logo...

Hey, why are you lookin' at me like that? What? My eyes? What's wrong with my eyes?! + Hey, didja hear? About the window?

No? Ya can't miss it, it's the one in that vacant lot, the stained glass one where the church used to stand with the weird-lookin' bird, right next to the rusty old truck. Dammit, I'm gonna haveta take ya there sometime. But not now, later.

Because, I hear if ya go there at a certain time, ya see things. Weird things, bad things. Monster-y things. I think it's supposed to be at the sunset before a full moon, but I keep hearin' about people seein' things at other times. Other day I tried to look in there, new moon, 4 am-

None of your fucking business, that's why! Anyway, I saw it in there. It was like the city but sick. Glass and metal growing like tumors into towers, people with their parts in the wrong places, crawling slimy tongues walking on the road with big hairy bugs like cars, monsters everywhere. And that sun...

Well fuck you, you'd be scared too! Anyway, Weird Jimmy's been comin' there a lot lately. Talks a lot about “the plan”, mumbles into the window. I don't stay by there often when he's there. You remember what he did last time.

And there's always this guy under the truck with him. Looks like a guy in a tiger suit. But there's gotta be some sorta backlight on him, or maybe he set himself on fire. Maybe it's some performance artist, 'd explain why he's got those funky limbs, stilts underneath that costume. Weird...