's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Shadow Tag "

Submitted by Jacob Boles

I don't know what I did.
i-It just happened so fast.
or, i think it did.
I thought I was just playing a game!
I guess not...
I was playing my new pokemon game on the bus, when I found a wobbuffet in a cave.
it didn't seem bad, male, regular wobbuffet level 45.
So I caught it.
No big deal, I just threw a pokeball first turn.
Caught it easily.
But, when I exited the screen seemed darker.
I dont know if it was me or my 3DS.
I looked around, I didn't want to say anything, the guy in the other seat found a scratched up pokewalker.
I didn't want to bug him, he has his own problems.
So when I get home I started back where I left off.
My screen has gotten even darker.
I pluged it in to see if it was the battery.
It wasnt.
So I checked my party, no use in fussing over the light, I'll just look it up later.
When I checked my party one of my pokemon was missing.
My honedge.
I could have sworn I still had it.
I feel something in the room, but there's no one there.
It seems darker.
I check again.
My Frogadier is missing.
Now I know something is wrong.
I only had my Honedge, my Frodadier, and my new wobbuffet.
My Wobbuffet.
I checked, and nothing was wrong, no different sprite no changed stats, nothing.
But then the screen got too dark for me to read anything, so I try to turn my game off.
It's still on.
Something is very wrong.
everything is getting dark.
I-I cant see.
I run for the door, to get out of this dark room and get into the sunlight....

Everything goes black

"Shadow tag prevents escape!"