's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Sliding "

Submitted by cz37ltn+hi0rs4

How long has it been? I've already lost all sense of time.

When I dived into that new water slide tunnel at the water park I always visited every summer with my family, I had no idea something like this would happen. Although I did have some mild anxiety about entering a long dark tunnel slide, such as ''What if it breaks down while you're still sliding in there?'', my paranoia wasn't creative enough to anticipate something like this.

I had seen other people come out safely out of the other end of the slide into the pool, so it was easy enough to convince myself that nothing would happen to me. A tall plunge, three spiral curves and you'd be safe in the pool.

A long breath to calm myself down and I'm bravely sliding feet first into the pitch black darkness.

The tunnel curves to the right and I can't help but scream in excitement, getting a little water in my mouth in the process.

The curve continues.

And continues.

And continues.

Wait a minute.

Is the curve supposed to be this long?

Maybe the curve was simply longer than it looked like on first glance.

The curve still continues. On and on.

Far longer than it should be possible.

Finally realizing that something was wrong, I try to stop myself in the tunnel. I can't get a grip on the walls. They feel impossibly slick and smooth, as if friction didn't exist on them. I start yelling for help. All I manage to do is waste my breath.

I wonder if people have already noticed that I haven't come out. Someone else could be also in my situation, stuck in water slide that never seems to end. Surely, I could be saved from this if this thing was dismantled. But then again, I have no idea how an infinite tunnel even fucking works.

Rationalizations dance in my head to explain this impossible predicament. Maybe I hit my head in the tunnel and this is all a hallucination? I could be unconscious right now and riding in an ambulance to a hospital. I tell myself that I will eventually have to wake up at some point.

Time passes.

The curve hasn't stopped.

I'm getting cold and hungry. Backside is starting to hurt.

More time passes.

I've lost feeling in my body. So tiring.

It continues.

Always spinning. Round and round.

I see thing.

Getting closer.