's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Stone and Bone "

Submitted by Erickson Warne-Coles

During our excavation, a blast uncovered something unexpected: part of a large human foot, carved from a different kind of rock than the kind we had been digging through. Not what we were looking for, but very exciting. We will begin carving around the foot tomorrow and hopefully find whatever its attached to.


After about a day's work, half the statue's been uncovered. We had some close calls where we were worried we might have broken something, but we were lucky, so far it's intact. We're trying to take things gingerly anyway. It's incredible. A statue of a human but several times larger, immaculately carved from dark blue stone. I don't think anyone expected to find something like this down here. This could be worth a fortune. I can't wait for the rest to be uncovered.


The head isn't what any of us expected. A bundle of bird skulls of different sizes, apparently real bone unlike the rest of the statue, with their beaks pointed outward. From a distance it looks like a fuzzy, off-white mass. A draft came through and I heard the wind whistle through their huge eye sockets.

Odd though it may be, this find just became all the more notable. I've seen nothing like it. Tomorrow we begin breaking the bottom of it away from the rock so it can be taken out.


It's some kind of golem. As the rock beneath its feet was being chipped away, it suddenly swiped a hand down and grabbed one of us before anyone had time to react. It held them by the leg over its head. They were lowered towards the skulls and the beaks rotated inwards. The person was ripped apart. A fine spray of blood shot out in all directions from the statue's head. Thank God the thing seemed blind. After we fleed from it stumbled in our general direction, grasping and clawing at nothing.

We weren't lucky before, this thing is indestructible. We tried twice to blow it up. We probably shouldn't have tried the second time, two of us got stuck on the wrong side of a cave-in with that thing. We took that as our cue to leave. We're resealing the tunnel.