's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" The Boxes: The Island "

Submitted by Samuel Miller

That's all there is. An island. Beyond, there's just nothing but water. I got here a few days ago. I hope that someone finds these notes buried throughout the island. Good day. Sometimes, I hear voices. They come from inside the gigantic sandy mountain in the center of the island. They speak of a place "Beyond the wall" I have no idea what that means. Also, a glowing pile of meat shaped into a fish came ashore today. I ate it.

The voices said today that "one more shall come." No idea what that means. Far away, though, I saw a barbed snake-like creature. It made me vomit.

Today, I found aÉ person buried beneath the sand dunes of the island. It was distorted beyond belief. It had peeling, grey skin, and black, empty eye sockets. Its fingers where insanely long, and multi-jointed. It had a lipless mouth, and almost no teeth. When I found its hole, it then jumped up and said "Who are you? Only ever buy the true sodas! Where am I? Where is the Wyrm?" I asked him or her what he was asking and what he meant by "Only ever buy the true sodas", and he answered "The Wyrm will tell! Where is he? Where is the Cult of Four? Where are the Vendors?" I didn't understand any of his questions, and just built up a camp. Yesterday, four things washed ashore. A face that can swim by way of flapping its cheeks, a snake with no eyes that can only make screaming noises that make people want to sing, a completely normal fish, and a blackened shape, akin to a human hand, that swims via moving its fingers in a circular motion.

Today, several things washed up onto the shore. They were a large whale-like slug, a small baby with gills that makes baying noises, and an egg. The egg is golden in colour, and vibrates sometimes. The Grey person is still raving on about his "Grey City". I also heard the voices say, repeatedly, that an important event will begin. Someone is watching us. He watches always. Several days ago, It began. The egg had hatched, and I found the golden shards. The grey person is calming down, too. Today, a fish-headed creature with a cartoonishly emaciated humanoid body. It just gulped for air, then stood up, said something in a strange, almost indecipherable language. It then collapsed and died. Something is watching us. I don't know what.

It came from the egg, and from the mountain. A few days ago, a face on two sticklike objects came from the sky. It spoke of "Plastic Reverberation" and "Monumental Monuments" and "In comprehensible deserts of nonconventional sand." . He also spoke of a "Dark One". I don't understand any of these people. I wonder if they are people at all. Both of them feel that we are being watched. I saw it today. A shadowy form, watching from the side of the mountain. I think that something will happen. The Grey person is dead. Or he disappeared. He was just gone. I hear more voices. Even when nowhere near the mountain. They come in all tones. Most are angry.

Today I saw it. I shall not describe it, for mercy of all of your minds. But, just to tell anyone who finds this final note, I will not exist anymore. I shall pass beyond the Wall, and shall be eaten by the seething masses of strange oceanic creatures surging beneath the waves, for I have seen the most important being. I have seen the most important event of all time. I have seen him. I have seen the ruler of the oceans, the earths, the creatures, and the dead things. I have seen God. I shall die. This note shall be found. It shall.

Hello, I am Jangor. I discovered these notes earlier, and thought that I should make more. I found all these notes buried in a crater, along with the body of some sort of human. I would have no idea, because he was so injured, that it was hard to tell what he was. And, even though he was injured so profusely, he was smiling a very large smile. I have no idea what the notes are speaking of, and will try to write more notes. Good da