's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" The Dark "

Submitted by Jack Allan

They'll try and tell you otherwise. But you you need to understand the truth. The Dark is alive. It understands and can learn. It's hungry and angry. It's evil.

Once you understand it like I do. It starts to seek you out. When the sun sets, you'll begin to hear the hisses and chitters. You're feel icy tentacles carressing your ankles. They can hide in the smallest shadows.

You can flee them for a time. Floodlights. Fires. Lamps. Flashbulbs. But they get in.

The tiny shadows under your clothes and inside your ears. They'll whisper to you. They'll remind you they're coming.

They can hide under your eyelids and inside of your pupils.

They'll hunt you down now.

I'm sorry.

They want more.

dont turn off your lights