's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" The Hall of Doors "

Submitted by Brian Shadensack

Beware Mickey and Minnie in the hall of doors.
Be polite to them when you enter.
They don't speak to you.
You speak to them.
Sexual Characteristics reduced to lack of ears.
You think (hope?) their wearing masks.
Pray they don't sing.
You enter their door in the hall of doors.
There are pink streamers pinned to the wall with colorful thumbtacks.
Don't you dare break them.
What are you doing?

Why are you yelling?
At poor Minnie and Mickey, lacking sexual characteristics other than a lack or non lack of ears.

Don't storm off, don't leave your friends.
Please don't leave them.
You don't want to leave them with Mickey and Minnie.

Look, you broke a streamer.


So pink, so innocent.

You're in Mickey and Minnie's Backyard.

Behind the house
That couldn't exist in the hall of doors.

A Vicious dog charges, never gets to you.

You run.

The top of the fence in looped barbed wire.
How are you in a backyard?
In an abandoned neighborhood?
What happened to the hall of doors?
What happened to you?

You run, empty pool past too big for its lot past the fence.
Your run, look down, dead grass or live grass or flesh or concrete you can't be sure.
You run, empty field on the other side, empty house on the other side.
Sky in the sky.

When did Mickey and Minnie's house get a patio?
You don't remember a patio.
You run, an exit through the front yard.

Front yard?

Its unlocked.
U-lock like an old public baseball court
You pick up a stone , feels like flesh, or it would if you could feel your hand.
Is it still your hand.
It has to be. Feels like baseball.
You throw the rock/flesh/baseball at the dog that will never reach you.

In the backyard.
Behind the Patio.
Behind the House.
That couldn't exist in the hall of doors.

You run for the chain link fence.
Feel your lungs popping.
You've never ran this fast.
From a dog that will never catch you.
Don't get tagged out.
And get to the locked gate.
Next to the house
That couldn't exist in the hall of doors.

Unhinge that U lock.
You did it.
Home Run
You start running down the street.
Looking at the dead grass, or the flesh, or the concrete.
In the yards of the identical house, that couldn't exist in the hall of doors.
You hear something.

"Remember when they found your friend, dead, like he was stoned to death"
From Mickey and Minnie's house
Your voice said that, but you didn't.
But if its your voice, maybe you did.
Followed by a wet squelching
The sound of someone being killed by a baseball.
Not a baseball bat.
A baseball.
From the house.
With the yard.
That couldn't exist in the hall of doors.

Don't stop, you'll strike out.
Its one of them

No ears
Or maybe its Mickey
Its got a knife that looks nothing like a baseball
Song in its throat
Approaching faster
Your legs feel like there made of cloth, or flesh, or grass, or concrete, or baseball bats
As it approaches
Knife gleaming nothing like a baseball
You can't smell how acrid the air is
You can't feel your tears
It takes its mask (head?) off
Underneath is a girl
You make eye contact
She opens her mouth
Baseballs don't come out
"There coming, run."

Strike Out