's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" The Klisk "

Submitted by Jared Shingleton

The klisk was born when a splicing of animal and plant genes had gone wrong and the lotus plant they'd used had gained self-consciousness and escaped. Before escaping, it satisfied its newfound hunger by gorging itself on the scientist. After filling itself it ran through the air ducts in the building heading for a way out. It spent a good few minutes searching before finally finding a way out. It fell out of the end of the air ducts into a dumpster and licked its claw clean of the leftover blood.

Its hunger had returned and it needed to satisfy it.

Itís wish was somewhat accommodated by a rat that scurried past it. Once the klisk had seen the rat it quickly snatched it up and gobbled it whole. The klisk then toppled out of the dumpster and began looking for a home. So it began searching through the streets of the city, where it had been created, for a suitable home.

To the klisk if felt as though hours had passed while on its hunt for a home when only a half hour had passed. Though the klisk had just been freshly spliced together it was feeling tired and decided to call off the search for a home in a cardboard box. It had just fallen asleep when an alley dog tried forcing it out of the box. The klisk just blinked its only eye then devoured the dog. It fell asleep with an even easier sort this time and wasnít interrupted for the rest of the night.

The klisk woke up just before dawn and began itís search once again.