's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" The Maze "

Submitted by Connor

I've never remembered for very long what colors looked like. Now, while this sentence usually makes no sense, I can explain.

In this maze I've always lived in, there lies an expansive, dimly lit room with a bell on the ceiling. It never seems to remain in the same place for long, but nothing in this maze ever does. In this room, a Alterratch sleeps. Its slithy spines expand and contract as it breathes fitfully.

Several seconds after you enter the room, the bell rings through no apparent outside force, bringing the tulgey Alterratch burbling from its slumber. It gyred on a steady taerbunt, emitting a frumious gnerinth and flashing every concievable color.

The first time I found it, I witnessed this gnoovish event, I woke up in one of the mazes other tunnels, brightly lit and blanched white as usual. There, however, was a wooden door. I had not encountered wood in years, and I had planned to rip it off its hinges and build myself something from it.

As it opened, I realized the quirines left it there, and so I ran. I ran and ran until I forgot what I ran from, and there was my shelter. It had been lying askew for some time, I must have gotten on the bad side of the hogilated sthenopod. This is a grave problem, as my supplies have been converted to an irate ulloneus. The worst bit about the maze is that it won't let me die. I've tried everything. I have angered the Alterratch, swallowed an inghorin and I did not expand, I attempted to impale myself on the horrifrous vinges, with no luck. All I want to do is leave this wedicendal maze.