's 2013 Horror Write-off:

"The Nothing Person: Day 567"

Submitted by Frozen Killer

Day 567

We should have followed their warnings. If we just took a five seconds to-

That doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. The ship crashed into us. It wasn’t big or small. That it wasn’t. But what it held inside was…

I’m getting ahead of myself. These recordings are the only thing keeping me sane. I talk to assure myself. To keep calm, so I won’t get nervous. Actually, I’m already nervous. I’m trapped in a metal box, talking to a microphone. I wonder if anyone will hear this. If you do, I’m so sorry. You’re already dead. If you are hearing this, which you probably aren’t, you must have seen the rocket. Big, sturdy, looks like it’s gone through hell and back? Has a big yellow stripe along the side? Has R.U.S.S. written on it? Get out now if you’re in that ship.

An average day… heck, more than average if anything. It was dull morning. I was sitting in my chair when the report came in. an escape shuttle, almost like a space version of a life raft, hit are left wing. We couldn’t move after that. The shuttle almost took out the whole wing. Wouldn’t have guessed that would happen, but it must have just been moving really fast.

(A rhythmic noise going CLANK CLANK CLANK every 10 seconds)

Dammit! It’s getting closer. Too bad I’m stuck in here, I am. Anyways, we thought that the crashed shuttle was a rocket at first. We all had to wait a good hour or so until we could start to investigate. Being the captain, I just had to sit in my chair and monitor the mess. I should’ve gone. Three were sent in instead. I think… Rich, Macintosh, and Face. They were the first people to get inside. They all had to put on special Air-sealed suits ‘cus the shuttle had no doorway to access it. Macintosh carried a mech. Mechs are like big multipurpose tools.

Why am I explaining this to you? None of it matters.

(The sound of a blade scraping on a metal ceiling abruptly begins)

They walked in. Rich wasn’t wearing a camera, and decided to play detective. We have the videos of what happened from the other two. I don’t know if I would show you them or not.

(A darkly light room is shown through the perspective of Macintosh)

Rich was in a great red suit. He had blond hair and blue eyes. He and Face were walking together just as Mac tore down a door. Face starts to analyze the shuttle as they enter. Face was skinny and lanky, wearing a much smaller space suit then the others. Macintosh was Scottish and spoke in a thick Scottish accent. His suit was the biggest as the mech was too heavy to carry normally.

“Hey, what’a you doing?” asks Mac. Rich started to walk down a staircase that was in the shuttle.

“There’s a staircase. I dunno, maybe somebody’s still here. Doesn’t hurt to check. ”

Rich followed the staircase downwards. Mac’s camera was more focused on what Face was looking at, so Rich was out of view.

“What’s that then?” asked Macintosh. Face saw a transparent liquid splashed along the wall. He was taking a sample to bring back later.

“You think I know?” responded Face brashly, “Hell, this stuff looks inhuman.”

“What’sa the tracker say?” asked Macintosh. Face took a small rectangle-shaped device from his suit. It had two prongs sticking out on the end and a flat circle with a grid on the front. He took the liquid from the wall and placed it in front of the prongs. It made a buzzing sound before giving the composition.

“The trackers broken, it must be.” Began Face, “It says that this gunk is 95% sodium.”

“Whats’o strange about that then?”

“First of all, this should be more like salt then a liquid. Secondly, it says that the sodium is organic.”

“Organic?” asked Macintosh.

A scream so intensely packed with fear and pain shriveled throughout their speakers. Face and Mac were both caught off guard by the noise before realizing it was Rich talking to them through the speakers in their suits. He screamed and screamed, but it was too late.

(Mac’s camera switched perspectives to his lower torso rather than his helmet)

“Oh, Jes’s!” said Mac. He ran down the stairs with Face behind. The staircase led into a blank room. It contained walls with broken circuitry hanging off of them. It seemed like a fight broke out down in the room, with thick scratches running against the floor and traces of blood scattered across. What caught Mac’s attention was a body. The body was dressed in a uniform, not too unlike his, but it was cut up. The torso was opened, with the ribcage pointing outwards rather than its normal position. Mac cautiously motioned towards the body.

(The camera changes perspective to Face’s suit)

Face noticed that Mac left the top room and followed down to him. He saw Macintosh sitting down with his hands over his helmet’s visor. Mac’s speaker was turned off.
“The hell do you think you’re doing? Get back up here bef-” but Face stopped talking. He saw the body and knew who it was.

(The tape stopped)

That’s the first thing we saw. Just when they saw Rich’s body…

That doesn’t matter. I have the second recording of what happened. Ric- The other suit’s camera, I mean, was still on.

(A new tape begins. Rich is standing in the lower room)

“Wow” said Rich, looking at the room and shocked that it was still in fairly good condition after being launched into the left wing of their ship. His speaker was put on a more silent setting. This recording is the last words that Rich ever said. He stopped moving and tried to turn on his speaker. Rich saw that, in a small dimly lit corner, a vaguely human shaped thing was sitting. Curiosity got the better of him, and he moved closer to it. He stopped trying to turn on the speaker and instead put on a light. The light showed what the thing really was. It had no eyes, but it could see Rich. Its face, if you can really call it that, looked like a skull with skin overlapping it. As if, the skin was couldn’t fit the bones. The face also had small indents came from the skull. They protruded from the skin. The arms were long and slim, but had a sharp blade instead of where the hands should be. The blades were slim, sharp, and had veins connecting it to the rest of the arm. The torso was thin and looked like that the thing was starved. The legs seemed broken and amputated; leaving only nubs were a foot would lie. It moved its neck in a mechanical manner, moving the head to face Rich. Rich saw the creature and started to panic

“Face, this is Rich. Come in” but he forgot that he didn’t have the speaker on. His hands were shaking and accidently put the speaker on the highest setting.

The creature started to move its entire body slowly, getting faster with each second. Rich panicked and started to turn his head out of fear. The camera was shaking and couldn’t get a good image of what happened next. Going by what was heard from the recording, it is obvious that the thing came over to Rich and ended him. His body was laid flat on the ground. The thing’s bladed hand retracted into the shoulder and smashed the camera on the helmet, causing it to dangle. The camera still worked and showed Rich’s face and the reflection of the creature from the glass visor. A boney hand came out of the space where the blade was. At the end of each finger was a length of skin with a smooth outline of a circle at the end. It put the hand on Rich’s face. The face shifted its position. One of the small points from the skull started to move and ripped off the skin. An arm started to develop out of the hole of ripped skin. The arm was all muscle and moved to Rich’s helmet. The helmet’s speaker was turned on and Rich screamed. He screamed out of fear, out of pain, out of misery. The hand kept Rich in place, with the pours at the end connected to the helmet’s visor. Small bits of glass were digested by the hand, now making the visor connected to the pours due to suction. The hand started to blood-like substance. It nullified Rich, as he was unable to scream. The arm from the thing’s face punched into the torso. It began to rip the space suit off. After that, the other arm with a blade still attached ripped Rich’s insides out. The arm from the face moved to the torn up insides and began to meld with the cut up flesh. All of the muscles from the limb began to connect with the insides of Rich. The thing’s body began to retract. The legs retracted into the torso, the torso began to retract into the head, the head retracting into the arm fused to Rich’s torso. The arm finally retracted completely into Rich’s body until there was only Rich’s mangled self and nothing else.

(The tape ends shortly)

After that, we didn’t know what to think. We were too stupid to watch only one tape at a time. If only we watched both, we could have all survived.

What happened next, we took the body to the medical wing. There was no sense trying to fix him, we all knew that, but we wanted to see how he was ended. Just to get more information. My god, we were arrogant. But we went on with it.

(A scream quickly echoes the room. The noise of a blade cutting along skin is also heard, but muffled by the loud screaming)

Jesus! Somebody’s actually out there! What type of idiot would go out there? The creature’s out there! Why didn’t you run? You had the chance, why didn’t you run?

(The scream stops. A new tape is played)

“My god, what the hell happened to him?” asks a medical officer.

“Nothing like I’ve ever seen. The ribcage has been moved, but it looks organic. As if the body intended to have it point outwards” said a different medical officer.

“Will you guys be quiet?” said a doctor, “the guy’s friends are right over there. Don’t startle them too much, you hear?” in the corner of the room, Mac was sitting in a chair. He had a puzzled look to his face and couldn’t comprehend what just happened.

“Yes McGon” Said the first medical officer.

Whispering, the other medical began to talk again “So Mick, what do you think happened to the guy?”

“Hell if I know. Strap’em down right here.” Said Mick. They put the mangled corpse on a bed, hooking him up to a monitor to the left of the bed.

“You idiot, hook off that monitor. God knows that this guy is dead, nothing we can do about it” said McGon.

“Ok, in a second-” began the other medical officer.

“Not ‘in a second’, do it know! Honestly, why do I get stuck with all the no-brains?” said Mcgon in an angered voice. The other medical officer forgot to turn off the monitor and went to work. Mick picked up a needle and injected it into Rich’s corpse. He pulled out what seemed to be the blood and placed it on a microscope.

“No viruses. Not surprised, honestly” said Mick

McGon inspected the arms, putting his arm on a wrist and checking for a pulse “Peculiar… it seems that the blood is still flowing to the hands.”

“So he’s still alive?” asked the other medical officer.

“No, you twat. The blood is still flowing, sure, but look at the rest of him! For God’s sake, he’s missing half of his organs!”

“… oh yeah...” muttered out the medical officer. He moved out of the way from the corpse to the monitor. With nothing left to do, he turned on the monitor.

“Hey, Dan, didn’t McGon tell you to unplug the monitor?” asked Mick. The other medical officer didn’t respond.

“Dan. Dan?” asked Mick, now getting more worried and taking his head out of the microscope.

“Dan, what the hell are you looking at?” he moved closer to the medical officer and looked at the monitor. It would normally display a color to show the condition of the heart, and a wave to show the pattern of the heartbeat.

“My God. Mcgon, Get over here!” yelled Mick. McGon was astonished when he turned his head. The monitor showed two wave patterns. One was red and viciously beating up and down, while the other was blue and not moving at all.

(the video, which so far had a bird eye’s view, quickly changed to a different view. This view was from a monitor, giving a closer look on Rich’s body)

“That’s not possible! By these reports, Rich is either cold dead or he’s going through a heart attack” responded an astonished McGon. Rich’s body began to slowly move. The skin on the face started to twirl into a collided mess of skin. His eyes retracted and his face dissolved into nothing. McGon, Dan, and Mick were all occupied by the monitor, trying to figure out the report it was sending. Rich’s corpse was virtually unnoticed until Mac saw him. Mac tried to scream and yell, but his voice escaped him. Rich’s head fell off the body and started to regrow a new form. First the bones were created, then the muscles, then the organs, until the form was completed. It loomed over Rich’s decapitated body and put its hand over the torso. The skin on Rich’s corpse began to shiver and started to move onto Rich’s head’s new body. Mac still couldn’t say a word, too frightened and shocked by the creature’s actions. Rich’s new body engulfed Mac with bones. The entire ribcage opened and thin, gaunt, bones started to drag Mac closer.

(The video recording ended)

After that… it went to hell. Everybody saw the video. Some idiot had the bright idea to put the video on full screen for everyone to see. After that….

No, I couldn’t have done anything. They were already dead from the start. Nothing that I would have done could have saved them. Listen, by now, that... thing is with you. I tried to warn you, but if you’ve been listening for this long I’m afraid it’s too late. Look to your left and right, make sure that you know everyone your around. Look into their eyes and study their pupils, you’ve got to trust me. Wait a sec… oh by the way, my name is Cap. Everyone calls me Cap. That’s going to be important

(A new recording turns on, this time showing a first person view of a person in a cafeteria)

“Hey, four eyes” said a snide voice to the camera, “you’re sure that you’ve got that monitor off?”

‘Four eyes’, as he was just called, began to talk in a tired expression “I swear, I’ve got to explain this to you every bloody morning. It’s not on. Look, you want to take a look for yourself?” and with that, ‘four eyes’ put a hand over his face. He pulled out the monitor. The video was from the point of view from the monitor, so all that was shown was a close up picture of the snide man.

“Aw, Jesus! Get that away from me!” said the snide man. He put a hand over his mouth and started to look a slight pale.

“Hehe… Got something stuck in your stomach there, Scraps?” said ‘four eyes’. He put the camera back into his head and continued to eat his meal.

“That’s just gross, you know that? You’re gross. What type of guy takes his eye out?” said the snide man, his name revealed to be ‘Scraps’.

“You ARE sure that it’s turned off right? I don’t want to find out that Cap’s being hearing us talkin’ about him behind his back” said Scraps. He picked up the fork on his table and began to eat something off of his plate. It was white and mushy with little brown flakes, presumably some form of spice, mixed in it.

“And you call me the freak. How the heck do you stomach this crap? And no, nobody knows what we’re doing. They have a lock set up on it, so whatever’s recorded can only be accessed if my heart stops.” Replied ‘four eyes’. The view changed and skipped a couple of minutes. Both of ‘four eyes’ and ‘Scraps’ plate was empty, and they were taking it to the disposal unit. They were having a conversation on who would beat the other in a fight, but only a muddled version of their dialogue was being perceived. As the two were talking, ‘Scraps’ took his plate to a big metal convertor belt. He put his tray on the belt and walked back to ‘four eyes’. At that moment, the wall to the left of ‘four eyes’ lid up with a light blue video. ‘four eyes’ took his attention away from ‘Scraps’ and watched the video. He saw a man get eaten into another man’s torso. The focus became fuzzy, but eventually it snapped back and was clear. ‘four eyes’ vomited on the floor and lunged his body over a wall to help support him. The audio began to improve, but not by much. ‘Scraps’ voice was much clearer than before, and he moved towards ‘four eyes’.

“Mike? Michael, are you ok? Goddamn, what happened? Mike, say something. Damn it, say something Michael!” said ‘Scraps’. He picked up ‘four eyes’, now referred to as Mike, and tried to bring him to the medical wing. Mike tried to intervene, but he was still repulsed by the video and couldn’t talk. There was no reason to struggle anymore, so Mike gave up.

(A random flickering of shapes and settings go by until it stops, showing a metal door)

“Its ok buddy, everything’s going to be ok” said ‘Scraps’. He pushed open the metal door and saw the remains of everyone else. Out of shock, ‘Scraps’ couldn’t move. He saw all of the mangled bodies and couldn’t believe that they were human.

(The Tape ends)