's 2013 Horror Write-off:

"The Taxidermist"

Submitted by David Haire

There once was a man renowned far and wide
A taxidermist supreme who worked wonders with hide.

Upon frame of wood he shaped and he wrought
The skins of the beasts that hunters had caught.

With sawdust and cotton and needle and thread
You’d never believe that the beasts were all dead.

He drank now and then, as rightly he should
To help him relax when the days were not good.

He married a woman so lovely and sweet
I’d swear she was good enough even to eat.

But alas fate had a cruel card to play
A man with a knife. What more can you say?

Distraught and grief-stricken with the end of her breath
He fell to depression, mourning her death.

Succumbing to madness he downed seven ports
He broke into the morgue and made off with her corpse.

He sewed and he shaped upon frame of wood
The skin of his wife as best as he could.

Having completed his gruesome ordeal
He gazed at her fondly. She almost looked real.

His task at an end, he fell into bed
And dreams of his wife dance then in his head.

Ah, dear readers, you should’ve seen his face.
When he woke the next morning…

…In her dry embrace.