's 2013 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by David Haire

There’s a hole in my head, drippy and black
Where nightmares come out and never go back.

The things that crawl by the light of the moon
Up your staircase and into your room.

The things that fly over the tops of the trees
Their leathery wings staining the breeze.

The things that slither into your ear
To feast on your dreams and find what you fear.

And worse things still from this hole in my head
Wanting much worse than wanting you dead.

The things that whisper from the dark and the cold
Whispering “Stay with us and never grow old.”

The things that lurk under the ground
To take you beneath where you’ll never be found.

The things that dance in the waters below
Singing of truths that no one should know.

The things that see the future and past
They see where you’re going and you’re going there fast.

The things that wait behind the veil of death
To fill your body with their aberrant breath.

The witch’s moon rises and with it do they
The monsters are here and they won’t go away.

There’s a hole in my head, drippy and black
And when you fall in you’ll never come back.