's 2013 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Connor

Once upon a time, two little boys named Eric and Thomas walked down Gerflant Road one fine winter day on their way to school. As they walked, they had an argument about who had the better toy.

"My Thinjaman is better because it is purple!" exclaimed Eric.

"Purple is a doo-doo color!" I like my Fatoman and because how he am blue," argued Thomas.


Their argument continued on much like this for twenty minutes until a crow flew by and collided with the back of Thomas's head. He fell into the driven snow, dinging his knee on a piece of ice in the process. Thomas sat up and wailed loudly about his knee and face. Eric looked down at his friend and threw his thin toy at Thomas. It bounced off of his head and landed in the street.

"Thinjaman!" screamed Eric.
"Bluhbluhmykneeisbleedigandsnowinmyeyesbluhbluhbluh" mumbled Thomas as the snow around his leg slowly gained a crimson hue.

As Eric ran out to grab his anorexic action figure, a muscular man in a tank top lumbered out of a nearby apartment, chucking a bottle of whiskey at the boys.

"Shhut up, I'm *hic* trying to shleep!" slurred the drunken man.

The bottle crashed against the asphalt, sending shards of broken glass flying everywhere, one landing in Eric's eyelid as he blinked, and several on Thomas' sitting form. As they screamed and shouted for their mothers, the snow around Thomas's leg had turned a deep maroon and began to expand drastically. Eric, in his dazed state had tripped and fallen face-first into the mound expanding near Thomas's leg.

"MOMMEEEEEEE!" wailed Thomas as his lower body was absorbed.

"shedbloodshedbloodshedbloodshedbloodshedblood," chanted Eric.

The remains of the two children and 548 kilograms of bloodied snow lumbered to the school, all the while humming a dirge and slowly growing.