's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Tonight's Arch "

Submitted by Joseph Hartman

Have you ever seen threefold seas?

Two of stars, and one of trees?

I saw them through the arch that day

My gaze was lifted far away.

Although I must confess a lie

A final sea had met my eye.

A sea of water, number four

Was lingering just beyond the door.

Above that sea, a blackened sky

But above the door, the seagulls fly.

And the door itself was strange and dark

Straddling that sea of bark.

The door was standing, lone and free

Through the arch, beside a tree.

And through the arch, the sun was bright

Blazing through the starry night.

I basked in the wind from that great structure

A cut in space, a wound, a rupture.

Its stone was smooth, but slightly cold.

And most assuredly, very old.

The arch was framed with stalks of red

As if the very stone had bled.

The vines climbed up, to crown the arch , But at the top was something dark.

Skulls and bones, a crimson stare

Looked down at me with grim-some glare.

Space was rent and time was bought.

My flight abandoned every thought.

And as I lay alone in bed

Those fourfold seas boil in my head.

I did not go through the arch that day

But tonight, tonight I may.