's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Two on a Throne "

Submitted by Vortan

Two demons sat upon separate, yet connected glass thrones. At the point where the thrones touched, was a sphere of the same material. Contained within this ball? A man, naked and bloody, yet not a trace of pain on his crimson covered face.

One demon lifted its pink, fleshy arm, and pointed it at the soul in the orb. “Jonathan Lark” It bellowed yet whispered at the same time, “Date of birth: 1965. Date of death: 1983. Cause of death: drowning.” It slammed its fist down, and then picked it back up with the hand that was still attached. “This was the information created for you at the dawn of your life. Yet here we are, in the year 2016! Ishk! What is the reason for this?”

The other demon pulled a piece of paper out of one of the many pulsating orifices that lined the ceiling. “Well, Gelt, it appears as though Jonathan was rescued by a dolphin.”

“A dolphin!?” Gelt shrieked, yet sang. “Damn those pricks! Always trying to change the fate of the living! Do they not comprehend how they affect the natural world?”

“Calm yourself Gelt! You do not wish to grow another eye, now do you? So what if lived for another fifty-one years? We have his soul now. And look at what he has done with those years! He cured cancer, and you know how much you detest the taste of cancer.”

“So what!? How dare you!” Gelt picked up a snail and threw it into Ishk’s arm socket. “Do you know how much life died due to the absence of Lark’s corpse!? Do you know how much his ‘cure’ threw off my feeding schedule!? I’ll be resorting dates for hours! Hardly worth the sweeter souls.”

Ishk would have responded, if not for the sounds coming from the glass. Gelt looked over it witch a look of hate and hate and more hate. Ishk chuckled, rattling the folds of its mold. “You spent so much time getting mad at me that your lunch spoiled.” For sitting in the orb was no longer the man, but a bottle-nosed dolphin.

Gelt scoffed yet smirked. “Flesh the damn thing! I can’t stand ‘em. Now bring in the next meal!”