's 2013 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Doc Docson

I donít think they quite understand what Iím saying, or just donít feel like listening to me. Maybe just donít care. I donít blame them. Weíve been here for around two weeks now. Two weeks, huddled around this strange object and creature of apparent alien origin, and itís boring.

We havenít told anyone. Itís not like we have the intention of keeping it secret forever. Itís not our job to be secretive. However, we canít do our job if we canít work in peace. But we arenít going anywhere, and I know exactly why. At this point, if the media got here we might actually have a better shot.

Itís real. Weíve confirmed this beyond reasonable doubt. Itís not dangerous. Some us were kind of hoping it was, especially around the beginning of the second week.

We can infer that itís some sort of crashed vessel. We can tell which parts are broken. We can tell itís for personal use, we can figure itís a sort of escape pod. We know which parts are the controls, which part is the seat, whereís the life support. We can tell some symbols here and there are some sort of language, and I would bet anything we will eventually be able to tell what itís made of. And we can assume the creature to be sentient, and confirm it to be dead. We can tell itís facial features. ďAmphibian-likeĒ, some said. This made me laugh; itís got a flat face with two eyes, two big nostrils and a mouth, I wouldnít describe it as anything but ape-like. Two arms, two legs Ė not ďappendagesĒ, as they insist on calling them, arms and legs with their hands and feet. Webbed maybe, I didnít count the number of fingers either Ė does it matter? Itís got a torso, we can even tell its ribs through the flesh. They want to dissect it. Waste of time Ė itís gonna have lungs and a heart, and a stomach and intestines.

That itís so well-understood to us in just two weeks unsettles me deeply.

I donít care if the crash site shows all the signs.

It has skin and bones and a face and basically every mundane structure that we can recognize. It walked on two legs, breathed air, talked in syllables and made a run for it as soon as it saw the guns.

There is absolutely no way this thing can be described as ďalienĒ.