's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Video Log "

Submitted by Jack Allan

A humanoid sits upon a cyclopean throne of glittering obsidian.
Its skin a brilliant sickly alabaster.
Its legs and arms infantile and deformed, hanging limply from it's bloated and diseased torso.
A massive eyeless head lolls idly, more than half of it taken up by a great lipless mouth. The cracked and rotten teeth glittering in an unnatural light.

A blinding light opens infront of the creature and a sobbing girl, nude and bathed in blood, is thrust into the creature's chamber.

She stands, miniscule in front of the seated giant. It's great mouth opens widely and it inhales. An engored tongue, covered with sores, flops grotesquly over it's wall of teeth.

The creature reaches out with one of it's infantile arms and plucks up the woman, lifting her to his mouth and biting her cleanly in half, swallowing everything beneath her stomach.

She screams for the last few seconds of her life, before the monstrosity finishes it's job. It drops her onto it's blood red tongue and curls it back into it's mouth. Shutting its wall of teeth and letting it's oversized head go limp. It's sickly skin covered in the woman's blood. A few entrails splattered in it's undersized lap.