's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Wired "

Submitted by Vague1

"You can always see at least one, in the distance. There are antennae on the hills and in the houses and on the van in front of the house, and there are more of them every day. The Radio towers all blink red in perfect unison and the tangles of wires are more and denser with the darkening sky. You haven't seen a plane in ages, but the towers still warn them, and there are more vans.

They are always parked with their dishes towards you, and you never see them move. The forests are dense with branches and the plains are vast and empty and the sky is the color of television static and the bare metal towers with blinking lights and wire tangles that lead to the branching antennae loom over all of it. The televisions only show the sky, or they show the eye, or they sometimes show you, watching them.

"The doors are opening elsewhere, too. Telephone lines with slacking wires lead from house to house with the bulky antenna arrangements that spread along the rooflines and into the fields. The floodlights stare down from the taller towers and the gray, clunky cans on the poles whisper to themselves. The fenced-in transform stations are wider, and they have boxes with poles with cords and cables that you've never seen before. The dishes and wires and antennae grow on the houses like fungus on a decaying log as the power lines stretch across the plains, more than ever before, through the sweeping valleys covered with fog.

"Lights and lenses poke out from between the trees and lead back to the poles that lead to the towers and the towers just lead up. All towers, higher every day. You live alone in a small house in the country and they still get you, even when there's only one road there and your television still uses rabbit ears and the computer is a big gray box with a fat tangle of cables in the back. There is knocking from the mirror where you put the pills and the lights sometimes come on in the night even after you've already lowered the blinds and double checked to make sure all the doors are locked. The poles become towers and the wires spread through the forests and you stay in all day because what's the point of going out when it's always so cold and no one ever talks to you because you aren't wearing your gas mask?"