's 2013 Horror Write-off:

" Worried "

Submitted by Anonymous

Sometimes, you can see what other people are seeing, and you're worried:

You are worried about the furry thing with the dinner plate-sized eyes that comes down the stairs when you walk up to your bedroom in the dark.

You are worried about the hordes of tiny little men that always come into the rooms of people who sleep on the floor, the little men that slowly carry you away as you desperately pretend to still be asleep.

You are worried about the people with long necks and a throat pouch who stare at you after you accidentally witnessed them swallowing something big, stare at you as if trying to estimate your overall body mass.

You are worried about the thing that answers with your girlfriend's voice when you ring at the door of her apartment building, only to have your girlfriend call you moments later on your mobile phone to tell you that she's sorry, she wasn't home yet, and could you wait there a few moments longer.

You are worried about the little goat that talks with a deep, booming voice that you mostly feel through your feet.

You are worried about the giant goat head, inexplicably alive in a basement somewhere, filling almost the entire room.

You are worried about the illness that makes your hands and feet grow little teeth, and how they start eating you from your limbs up.

You are worried about the result of this illness: hollow heads waddling around on your roof on hands and feet with the rest of their bodies gone.

You are worried about the thing that follows you around all day, with the tiny eyes that are so wide apart and the big, big mouth, the thing that stares at you and waits, waits, and when you expect it the least, starts screaming so loud, screams that freeze you to the bone, and you spend every moment, asleep or awake, dreading the moment when it will start screaming again yet hoping for it to finally come, because the waiting is almost worse.

You are worried about how your boyfriend sometimes changes his shape while he's asleep, especially that one time when he ended up looking like your father.

You are worried about the mirror standing all alone in an abandoned building.

You are worried about the people who split open like clams to reveal a tiny, talking pearl inside that commands you to do unspeakable things.

You are worried about the wolf man with a penis very small in diameter, but which can grow up to ten meters long in just the fraction of a second, transpersing people's bodies in the most agonizing ways while making the noise of a party horn, you know, the little curled-up ones.

You are worried about the thing that tells you how pretty you were.

You are worried about the small things with the stupid, empty eyes that copulate on the walls and on the ceiling, so many of them that you feel like watching porn on thousands of little screens, and no matter how hard you try to cull their numbers, their population grows and grows, they don't even try to resist you, they don't need to.

You are worried about the long, cold fingers that caress your neck at night as you lie with your back towards the wall.

You are worried about the hair growing on the floor.

You are worried about the hair in your toilet, and you are worried about the thing that happens when you pee on it instead of flushing first.

You are worried about the tiny eyeballs on long, rubbery stalks that stare at you as you wake up, slowly, very slowly retreating out of the room as you stare back at them, somehow sensing the presence of something much larger outside.

You're worried about the thing waiting in your bath tub at night.

You're worried about the tongue that meets you half way when you are giving oral sex to your girlfriend.

No wait, you think that last one is kinda hot. The rest worries you, though.