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   Every year, it gets harder and harder to narrow down "winning" entries. I'm not just blowing smoke when I say that our little contest continually produces the best fiction writing I have ever seen. This time around, there was a point where I suddenly realized I had put more than half the total entries in the "maybe winner" pile and still wasn't done adding to it, before I scaled back, so even if your story didn't win, there's pretty high chances it was at least considered. You're just that good. There isn't one story here I wouldn't recommend for one reason or another.


- If you don't see your entry, it's an ERROR. I never deliberately exclude a single one! I have to do a lot of copy/pasting, typing and editing to assemble the archive, so mistakes are unavoidable. Re-send your missing entry and I'll add it as soon as I can!

- If you were working on a story and didn't finish it in time, I want to see it anyway! I will even add some late entries, if you're really just now finishing them up!

- "Creepypasta" does not necessarily mean "public domain." All of these stories are copyright their respective creators and may not be published for any kind of profit without their consent. If you repost any of these stories to a blog, forum or imageboard, include the same author credit and a link back to its original page here!

- Don't be a jerk about things you don't like! Be friendly and constructive! We're only here to have fun!


This year, some people won for a single story, and some won for a collection of stories. If your name is here, e-mail me for a shirt of your choice from the store! If you know of any other art I've made that you want on a shirt, I can make it available!

A CORRECTION: "Triggering" and "Silent Crickets" were actually stories a friend sent me as recommendations, and not their own. I'd been awake for over 20 hours at the time and put them up in a daze. Sorry guys!

A Love Story - By Kite Line - Of all the stories here, this one actually scared me the most. There's just something about it, just right to freak me out.

Wandering Sun - By Joseph Hartman - A unique horror premise with the feel of an old, dark fable. Joseph Hartman also submitted the amazing Beelzebus and Haze, which were also considered for first place, and are all very different stories. Don't skip any of them.

The Interview Series - By Brian Shadensack - Previewed last year, the series as of this round consists of Interview 18, Interview 20, Interview 25, Interview 37, and Interview 42, wherein a series of homeless citizens describe their unusual problems.

Selfie.jpg - By Emma G. - You've all heard tales of murderous internet memes and cursed photographs...but what's it like on the other side?

Bag Man - By Huw Saunders - A darkly funny, grimy drama tying in with several things Bogleech readers might be familiar with. You probably won't be expected what, or how.

First Twelve Letters - By C. Lonnquist - A series of mysterious letters with horrifying consequences. An exciting read, and vied for this spot with Lonnquist's entirely different Sleeping Bag.

Rahkshasarani's stories - This author has been submitting great material since year one, and this year, offers six wildly varying tales, so read Contagion, House of Sleep, Little Brother(my favorite), Past Tense, Planter Park, and Wendigo Weather!

Public - By Austin Brooks - I just really love where this one goes...but especially where it doesn't. I'll explain in the comments.

The Traffic Stop - By Elliot Avery - The same author won last year for Captain's Log, and I usually aim to declare all-new winners, but I have to make an exception at least this once. "The Traffic Stop" is brutal commentary on painful issues and might be difficult for some people to get through, but it's sincere and powerful. The final note is a punch in the gut that made me tear up every reading. For a much lighter, but still scary as hell entry, Elliot also submitted Photobomber.


I'm not made of t-shirts but if you're here, drop me a line and I could at least send you one of those omfg figures or pay for a couple redbubble stickers or something!

Misbegotten - By Daniel Saults - Daniel Saults is another past winner, and this time, crafted a whole playable Body Horror tabletop role-playing game, available here as a PDF download!

Upon the Mountain - By Ryan Oleynik - Lovecraftian horror better than Lovecraft, and just when you think it would have ended, it's only just getting started. Don't miss Ryan's other entries, especially not the terrifying Crawling.

Xeno - By Evan MacNeil - I usually discourage pieces that might be construed too much as fanfiction, but this is too good. A story form this angle feels kind of a long time coming.

Wooden Masks - By Nick Noah - Another one with that perfect, classical spooky story twist. This one warrants reading aloud at a Halloween party. See also Tic-toc!

Magic Number - By Hisham H. - The author won last year with several entries, but he's done it again. It was a toss-up between "Magic Number" and his weird, hilarious Rules and Instructions. One is truly terrifying, with an ingenious surprise reveal. The other reads like the most darkly funny and maddening depths of the SCP foundation. Another to check out is Birthchild, another story with a last-minute shocker!

Passive Ability - By Anonymous - Battle-monster settings aren't something milked for horror as often as I would expect.

Needles - By Max Peabody - We've seen plants end the world a number of ways in the cookoff, but this is a rather different approach, with a tense and bitter climax.

I Suck at Humans - By Charred Newt - Me, too.

Messorem - By Millien - A glimpse into a tragic and sympathetic existence.

Honey, This is it - By J I L - A surreal and emotional tale in a broken world. Half-way through, the story branches into two possible paths...

Put the Thing in the Thing - By Olita Clark - Well, come on. Do it. I don't know how it could be any clearer.

Night Terror - By Pumpkinheadeddoll - This is another one that genuinely disturbs me and was close to winning. What an utterly hopeless, horrendous problem...and truly tormenting questions.

Very Good Servants - By Ed and Julie Bartlett - Parasitic alien invasion with a lovely unexpected twist!

Some Kind of Video Game - By Dandelion Steph - might take a couple reads to realize what's happening, but it's weird and ghastly and a little bit sad.

Admirality - By The Album Atrium - Weird, hilarious, and makes an obscure reference you won't need to know to enjoy it, but it certainly amused me.

Babies Can Swim - By Anonymous - This is one of the most morbidly funny ever submitted.

The Thing on Owl Creek Ridge - By Nick McLean - A tale of prejudice, injustice and divine punishment...but the great thing about this story is that nothing in it is necessarily impossible.

The Ghost Tide Trilogy - By Irene Vallone - Another past winner brings us a lot of amazing horror this year, but especially noteworthy are all three stories in the fantastic Ghost Tide continuity.


From the Desert We Came - By DNotA - A followup to last year's "Something Bolted This Way Comes." Both stories are more sci-fi fantasy than horror, but loaded with imagination and fun.

Going Blue - By Claude Turner - A follow-up to last year's winning Going Green though it stands amazingly well all on its own, too.

The Boxes: Somewhere Over the Rainbow - By Samuel Miller - Last year's "The Boxes" stories are an imaginative mix of strange themes, and they aren't done yet!

The Boxes: Internal Scripture - By Samuel Miller - More "boxes" weirdness!


Some of these are entries finished only a day late; others are entries I accidentally skipped adding to the archive, so they're here in a special place to make up for my flub!

Burgrr: a Under New Management - By Thomas Johnson - (PDF Download - a Burgrr movie script!)

Nematodes - By Infernalthing - "Eventually, the callouses caused her lips to be immobile."

Metamorphosis - By Timmeh Taylor - "Eventually, the callouses caused her lips to be immobile."

Weasel Folk - By Mars Letourneau - "This can of Red Bull showed up in my fridge one day, which would be fine but nobody in my house drinks red bull."

When They Came - By Mars Letourneau - "More of the monsters are starting to show up, and they're starting to be spotted in small groups. Some of them are buying food."

Labyrinth Land - By Mars Letourneau - "It's been four days since I fell through that stupid fucking portal behind the 7-11."


Admirality - By The Album Atrium - "Are you familiar with the organ that pumpsh blood?"

A Hairy Hypothetical - By Jon Strong - (short)

The Akaname - By James B. Davis - "It was my first, and my last, trip in Japan."

Alarm - By DC - "17/09: Old bombing siren in London jams. Took 1 hour to turn it off."

A Life of Loss - By Eccentric Entomophile - (poem)

Alone - By Ryan Oleynik - "My life used to be so lonely, I felt like I had no one."

A Love Story - By Kite Line - "During these episodes I would open up my bedroom window, crawl outside, and walk into the forest."

A Meeting in the Fog - By Charred Newt - "Rotten? No, I wouldn’t say that."

Amos 5:11 - By Anonymous - "Some wealthy person is always building a new house"

Anodyne - By Vague1 - "We buried it on my tenth birthday, my father and I."

A Problem With Other Minds - By R. Breen - "Was there any way to be sure that they were real people?"

A Reflection on the Nature of Mirrors - By Max Peabody - "Continued analysis of our shared history only baffles my doppelganger and me even more."

Are You Sleeping - By Anonymous - "They looked somewhat like giant flies, I guess, only they didn’t have wings and they were covered in skin"

A Slight Misunderstanding - By Birilli - "it watched me from behind the white car"

Authentic - By Vague1 - "There was never a monster under my bed"

Babies Can Swim - By Anonymous - "it’s not fun to listen to thousands of people drowning in divine justice"

Bag Lady - By Brian Shadensack - "No one liked the bag lady"

Bag Man - By Huw Saunders - "Ah, jeez," says the man in the gas mask, as more people in identical gas masks appear around him. "Looks like a bad one."

Beelzebus - By Joseph Hartman - "Six passengers. And six stops. Each worse than the last. Each one intended for one of you…"

Better Safe Than Sorry - By Anonymous - "Consider this young couple. They are about to leave their flat, and one of them is joking about how paranoid the other is, having several locks on the door and closing every single one of them"

Bigger Fish - By Trar - "I know you're not the only one skeptical of me, but let's assume for a moment that those two cargo ships really were attacked by foreign submarines."

Birthchild - By Anonymous - "It's a clip of childbirth. But there is no sound or anything. The picture quality is pretty bad."

Black Flies - By Irene Vallone - "Always the black fly no matter where you go"

The Boxes: Somewhere Over the Rainbow - By Samuel Miller - "The rusty metal and rotten wood construct drones out a song in a faint and raspy voice"

Breath - By Nelke - "Some walls eat people."

The Bumps - By Evan MacNeil - "Moles. That's what people had."

Casefile: 2 Spooky - By Thomas F. Johnson - "shriek went the man dragging himself down the pier, screaming under the weight of the cartoon-witch-head-shaped tumor crushing his spine"

Case Report #106 - By Jacobguy - " None of the patient's pustules have ruptured since developing."

Cast Away - By Irene Vallone - "The glob moved through the air erratically, up and down and to the sides seemingly with no rhyme or reason, like ink in water."

The Cats Don't Care - By Anonymous - "Chorus: THE CATS DON’T CARE!"

Change - By Jacobguy - "we were promised change, little did we know what it really meant"

Clatter - By Jacobguy - "do you ever wonder what happens to your old teeth?"

Color - By Jacobguy - "the color, the color"

Companion - By Izzy Winchester - "Perhaps you have a cat."

Contagion - By Rahkshasarani - "Can someone really be so convincing, so charming, that they can spread malaise like a cold?"

Cornfields - By Sorbus - "When I look to my north, corn. When I look to my south, more corn. Maybe a dilapidated barn on occasion."

Crawling - By Ryan Oleynik - "The plaster arms were slowly dragging the legless torso across the floor."

Decoy - By Jacobguy - "did you know some animals make things to throw predators off?"

The Dead Floor - By Brian Parris - "The window across from his room was indeed open. And there was someone standing in it. "

The Demons - By James B. Davis - "The world wasn't always like this. We used to live on something called dirt"

Doubt Seems Violet - By Milos Blagojevic - (poem)

Dream - By Goat - "it had been a few months since he'd had any other dream."

Dry Socket - By Authr - "I’ve always picked at my teeth."

The Engineer - a Sumerian Tale - By Guilherme Beraldo - "The motions of the automaton, to him, they seem so flawed"

Eyes - By Nelke - "I found something in the backyard. I think it likes me."

The Eyes Have It - By Huw Saunders - "I feverishly open another beer, and look around the bodies."

Falling Action - By Arale - "There is talk of a mysterious new organization taking the form of a school club."

Falling Apart - By Anne Do - "A cube of flesh pushed itself out of my shoulder and landed on my bed."

First Twelve Letters - By C. Lonnquist - "The second letter turned the reader’s skin to plastic, and when they found him sitting in his chair, it was starting to turn as well. "

Five Senses - By Rhys Yeatter - "DO YOU KNOW WHAT MACARONI FEELS LIKE?"

The Flesh Thing - By Melanie Lee - "Hanging like some pallid hell-bat was a mass of gangly bones and flesh"

Frigid Bobby - By Jacobguy - "everyone was freaking out, no-one knew why it was so cold, but I did."

From the Desert We Came - By DNotA - "Mother and I are like you, and not like you. Mother and I are like each other, and not like each other."

gBÜn:30 - By Kiernan Lockhart - " Should his skin feel slimy? No, Frank thought. It should not."

Ghost Tide: Sleep - By Irene Vallone - "The other kind was the Wide O’Wakes. Nobody wanted to touch them."

Ghost Tide: Queen of Bones - By Irene Vallone - "Each reptilian eye socket was at least twenty feet wide, and each spike-like tooth was as long as Petra was tall."

Ghost Tide: Jonah - By Irene Vallone - "As I walked through the dark streets, their gelatinous bones glowed with a faint cream-colored light through their ethereal flesh."

Globster - By Hisham H. - "the entire creature was flabby and gelatinous looking"

Going Blue - By Claude Turner - "Yes! Absolutely! Human larva are adorable!"

Gone - By Alexis Feynman - "I combed through my memories more carefully this time, but I couldn't find him anywhere in them. It seemed like he was supposed to be someone I knew."

A Grave Reflection - By Evan MacNeil - "I went the full six feet. Nobody was finding this bastard."

Green Sea - By Athena - "When we got towards the last day of the cruise a huge, glowing green mass appeared in the distance."

Gut - By Jon Strong - "When I finally opened the deer up, it had next to no organs."

The Hallow Journals Part I - By Pumpkinheadeddoll - "The body of the creatures is not easily described, the fur on the body is thick and dark to the point of absorbing nearly all light"

Haunted House - By Kiernan Lockhart - "Yeahhh, no. It’s just an empty house. I should know."

Haze - By Joseph Hartman - "Give me a ride," He repeated in a flat, distorted voice. "Give me a ride. Give me a ride."

The Hillbilly Horror - By Sam Miller - "In their place stand two fat, scaly creatures"

Hollowhead - By Thomas F. Johnson - "I hack up something like phlegm into the sink. My chest feels hot and sticky. I look down."

Honey, This is it - By J I L - "Surprise!" The voices are scratchy, but musical. A light clicks on in the apartment and I see three people in costumes with their first pair of hands in the air."

House of Sleep - By Rahkshasarani - "The House of Sleep was an unusual business."

Humming Walls - By Athena - "I heard it first when I was 11; a dull humming, fingers gliding on walls."

Hunting Snipe - By Keetah Spacecat - "One Summer, everything went wrong."

Icarus - By Evan MacNeil - "Space was nothing new to me."

Inconsiderate Spirit - By Mngamojemo - "At first, everything seemed great. There was no more noise late at night, no more passive-agressive arguments, and only one person's worth of dishes to worry about. "

Incubus - By Sorbus - "I would occasionally wake up with saliva - or at least something the same color and consistency of saliva - on my cheek."

International Klein Blue - By Cassie Heath - "You're looking at a blue rectangle mounted on a wall and you're thinking "My kid could do that"

Intern Report - By Hisham H. - "Eyes and associated musculature completely removed, together with a large portion of facial bone bilaterally removed as well"

Owen Scott Doctoral Thesis Abridged Interview Number 18 - By Brian Shadensack - "Well, it started off simple. Touch it, it rots."

Owen Scott Doctoral Thesis Abridged Interview Number 20 - By Brian Shadensack - "I’ve been unable to enter a house for about two years.."

Owen Scott Doctoral Thesis Abridged Interview Number 25 - By Brian Shadensack - "Are... are you bleeding whiskey..."

Owen Scott Doctoral Thesis Abridged Interview Number 37 - By Brian Shadensack - " Yea, sometimes my brain gets way too loud, you know?"

Owen Scott Doctoral Thesis Abridged Interview Number 42 - By Brian Shadensack - "An organ prints the flooding handicap after the copper."

Invisible Darkness - By Charles Williams - "There is something that surrounds us. Undetectable, lacking color, smell, or a defined idea of what it is. "

I Suck at Humans - By Charred Newt - "Give me a pencil and I’ll draw you almost everything else, I swear."

I Think My Watch is Broken - By Cassie Heath - "All the time/my/Excuse/my watch is/in my head/watch/wtchndIcntmkit stop."

Jailer - By Hisham H. - "The librarian referred to it affectionately as "Old Bogey".

Just a Collection - By Brian Shadensack - "I hit my arm the other day and there was a rattle. Like when a screw goes loose in a machine."

The Laundry Room - By Alexis Feynman - "It's just some flickering lights. They do that all the time, and that never stops anybody!"

The Leng Embrace - By Nelke - " the plot was minimal, a mere scaffolding for the illustrations, and the dialogues nonsensical"

Like Clockwork - By DNotA - "She was tall. Really tall. Ridiculously tall."

Little Brother - By Rhakshasarani - "Kevin's little brother looked...odd. More like a little old man than a baby. And he could already walk."

Lunatic - By Nelke - "It's funny how the folk tales of my childhood come back to me"

Macrophagia - By Jacobguy - "At first it looked like a low cloud, but it wasn't a cloud, it was a huge collection of dandelion seeds."

Magic Number - By Hisham H. - "What he found surprised him. Strange, bizarre deaths going back two centuries. "

Malocclusion - By Izzy Winchester - "Went to get the block fitted, but the doc says it’s not my jaw. Says my incisors need more space."

Masks - By Keefer Lowe - "I saw the first one on my way to work one cool November morning."

Messorem - By Millien - "You are in a plain room; there is a pile of rags in the corner, and a table with a sheet of paper and a knife on it."

Misbegotten - By Daniel Saults - (PDF download) a complete, playable body horror RPG!

Morning Person - By Charred Newt - "The skin around the freshly-made hole crumbles, curls up like burnt paper."

Mother of Them All - By TimtheFireLord - "the dream became lucid as soon as I saw the frog being jump out of behind the pillar"

The Moth of Ice - By Nicolai Ostergaard - "One summer noon, something caught my eye. Like a crystalline leaf this tiny creature floated on the air."

Mr. Stitch - By Thomas Turnasella - "There was one person though, that was a bit more than “curious”, a bit more than “strange,” and everyone in town knew him only as Mr. Stitch."

My Aunt's New House - By Stickydot - "The skin had been mostly removed, but I could still see the ears attached, and it wasn't a rabbit."

My Toilet Bit Me - By Samuel Miller - "It asks for meatier and meatier foods each time."

Natozine - By Jared Ludy - "Apparently, it’s supposed to freak out your senses and give you some sort of "unforgettable" high"

Needles - By Max Peabody - "A team of naturalists and botanists is sent to the Amazon rainforest with the goal of determining how far the change has spread."

Nepenthes Monstrosa - By Hisham H. - "I shook my head. There was no animal, no phenomenom I could think of that can skeletonize a cow in one night."

New Tongue - By Sorbus - " At first, when I went to the dentist, she didn't see it."

Night Terror - By Pumpkinheadeddoll - "I still remember some of the dreams from when I was little, all slightly different but they always have a single connecting point; they all end with me being choked."

Not a Turkey - By Hisham H. - "Dammit Emmett, calm down and tell me in proper English!"

Odontophobia - By Keetah Spacecat - "On Monday morning, my tooth started itching." (several short stories!)

Old Pot - By Zoe Keidong - "You have received an old pot in on form or another."

Out of Memory - By Sorbus - "On April 3rd, we started to receive reports of what at first we could only describe as local time anomalies."

Out There - By Jesus Lizard - "What started as a routine procedure has exploded into a bizarre discovery that we are struggling to explain."

Over Sharing - By Ben Jeffrey - "My neighbour was sleeping in a tent out the back of his house last night"

Passive Ability - By Anonymous- "Now the opposing team has only one monster left. This is the final round, folks."

Past Tense - By Rhakshasarani - "I used to have a stalker."

Peanut Gallery - By Stickydot - "WORLD'S LARGEST PEANUT 2 MILES AHEAD!"

Pet Tumor - By Jon Strong - "There’s something in my house. It talks to me."

Photobomber - By Elliot Avery - "In each and every photo, there was a man I didn't recognize."

Planter Park - By Rhakshasarani - "Who builds an amusement park on a swamp?"

Poems to Vocalize Through Your Orifices - By Nick Norden - "Hither, yon, yon, hither, yon, hither."

Porcelain - By Samuel Miller - " I just now notice how strange it is that there are bite marks on plates and silverware."

Pressed - By Peppermint Monster - "If you are still alive after ninety days, I will let you go home."

Public - By Austin Brooks - "A sound like someone had dropped a bowling ball on a piggy bank, followed by water surging from shattered pipes. "

Put the Thing in the Thing - By Olita Clark - "The metallic voice drags you back into consciousness with sharp pitched claws"

Qallupilluit - By Nicholas Dennison - "Like all the other children in our camp by the sea, my brother and I had grown up on stories of the Qallupilluit."

Reunion - By Baxter Barclay - "How are you doing buddy?" croaks the figure before me that is supposedly Barry."

Red Gold - By The Cuttlefishking - (poem)

Red World - By Ciara Borner - (poem)

Revealer - By Everbound Venvel - "A Revealer looks something like a fleshy gray-brown coconut with a thing like a skinny little deep-sea fish fry tail for a body."

The Ride Never Ends - By Thomas F. Johnson - "Her bike was made of flat, monocolored polygons put together, like one of those really old 3d-games."

Rings - By Tom Serveaux - "Did squirrels have limbs that long and gangly, or ears that pointy?"

Rise, Peter - By Izzy Winchester - "I didn't have to ask anyone about the pillar, or tell. It had already cycled through so many others, like a dance"

All Roads Lead to Rome - By Thomas F. Johnson - "Probably has something to do with those sacks they're carryin', wriggling around."

Rules and Instruction - By Hisham H. - "Make sure that at least two people take Maurice the manatee out of his pool each night and take him to the storage area."

Run - By Jacob Boles - (short)

Scalphas - By TheGunheart - "Two years. Two years since that damn wyrm froze the Earth's heart."

Section 4: The Events - By HareTrinity - "The events take place in this child's bedroom."

Selfie.jpg - By Emma G. - "Another online friend told me someone had put my picture up somewhere else, got it from her facebook."

Sentinels - By Ryan Oleynik - "Entire books and movies were used to answer the question: What would happen when we meet aliens?"

Silence - By Jacobguy - "I dread silent nights. Ever since I was 11 years old I've hated the nights that are devoid of sound."

Sleep Study - By L.A. Johannsen - "The feeling of being watched lingered like an ache."

Sleeping Bag - By C. Lonnquist - "Once, when I was six, there were five of them, and I could see them through the mesh window on my tent."

Some Kind of Video Game - By Dandelion Steph - "There's a man standing by a streetlight. Another player, an NPC, I don't care."

Soul Cramp - By Jon Strong - "Ever since she was a child, she always had stomach cramps."

Specimen Journal - By Hisham H. - "Today I collected something quite strange; a caterpillar that I can't identify in any of the books."

Speed - By Jacobguy - "You really need to go fast."

THE SPOOPIEST NIGHTMARE - By ChaosLucarioMasterofDragonDolphins - ???!

Squirm Face - By James B. Davis - "My eyesight throbbed and blinked in red and yellow."

Squirming Underground - By James B. Davis - "The cave reeked of bile, gore, and the vinegar scented syrup on the floor.

Sun God - By Irene Vallone - "My attendants flock around me, whispering in tongues - strange tongues, or perhaps familiar."

A Synopsis of David Cronenberg's Neuromancer - By Erika Bachman - "David Cronenberg’s Neuromancer has always been a fascinating cinematic anomaly, although most students will remember it only for the infamous lawsuit that Cronenberg became embroiled in and eventually devastated by."

They Return - By Jacobguy - "It was no deer, it took a step closer and I saw it was like the head of a deer on the body of a corpse."

The Thing on Owl Creek Ridge - By Nick McLean - "Mr. Hannah was a cultivated man. He read religiously every day."

Three's Company - By Brian Shadensack - "Satan is at least a little musical."

Tomato Soup - By James B. Davis - "It seemed like a nice little diner."

The Traffic Stop - By Elliot Avery - "The cop's expression didn't change at all when Darryl yelled at him"

Tic-toc - By Nick Noah - "How would I ever be able to sleep with that noise?"

Twenty First Birthday - By Dandelion Steph - "The next door was her ninth birthday party."

Unscheduled Sick Leave - By Trar - "Sitting in the corner between that door and me was another morbid black and green eye-stalk plant."

Upon the Mountain - By Ryan Oleynik - "If you are reading this letter, then I must admit that I am glad that the Lord saw it fit to find its way to you."

Upside Down Fairy - By Anonymous - "I felt the mortal's presence long before she actually arrived at my hatching site."

Valor - By Hisham H. - "I've sworn to keep this secret, but I feel there should be some record, some legacy, as to what really happened."

Vampire Myths: Fact and Fiction - By Monkeysky - "If you are reading this, it is likely that you are a human who has discovered that someone close to you is a Vampire, and you'd like to learn more."

Very Good Servants - By Ed and Julie Bartlett - "The one who is to embrace the creature has paralyzed it with one’s venom, and now makes an incision in its pink skin."

Video Games - By Qubeley - "I turn on the game apprehensively, and there’s no egg in my party."

Wandering Sun - By Joseph Hartman - "I suppose you want to know about the man who outran the night?"

Welcome Home - By Wednesday - "You are a man. You are wearing a suit so you must be important."

A Welcome Intrusion - By Cuttlefishking - "You are in the legends"

Wendigo Weather - By Rahkshasarani - "Sometimes hunters would get stranded in the snow, had to take up in a cave."

Wet Bread - By Crow N. - "When you prop your arm on the table in front of you, there is a soft squishing sound."

Wet Dog Smell - By Jon Strong - "I just want to see the faucet doggie again"

What Goes Around - By Keetah Spacecat - "Matthew was awaken by an obnoxiously loud dripping sound"

Wooden Masks - By Nick Noah - "I'm sorry, but I won't be coming to your Halloween party this year either. It has nothing to do with your parties, it's just... costume parties in general."

World's Best Coffee - By Sorbus - "Alexis never had coffee this good in his life."

Xeno - By Evan MacNeil - "Darkness. Just darkness. That's all I can see. Pitch black."

Your Body is Changing - By Dandelion Steph - "Morgan cleared her eyes of slime and headed to the mirror."




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