's 2014 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by DC

[The following are the notes of Dr. A______ S________, Italian teacher at Liceo Scientifico (Scientific High School) A________, Italy, regarding the "Red Virus" outbreak].

17(?)/08/2015: A car alarm went off during the night. Don't know if relevant. Would be good for book, too. "It all started with a car alarm".
26/08: Slowdowns on A22. Probably relevant.
31/08: Reopening of the Government. Lots of slowdowns. "Mass return from holidays", they say. "Red flag".
03/09: Checked the old newspapers. Signs of tensions between China and USA then. MAybe I'm reading too much. Can you blame me?
09/09: Problems with the traffic system. Streetlights' patterns modified.
14/09: Situation in Korea worsens.
15/09: Antivirus signals 57 threats. Quarantined them all. Same period: others get the "virus".
17/09: Old bombing siren in London jams. Took 1 hour to turn it off.
21/09: UN issue new sanctions on China for ecological damage. China is going full Industrial Revolution, what do you expect?
24/09: Red eyes all over my photos. Can't get rid of them.
25/09: More troubles with streetlights. All streetlights in Rome red for ten minutes. Blamed computer virus.
26/09: Riots in South Africa. - Scratch that, it was a massacre.
27/09: German hospitals struck. Alarms jammed everywhere. - G______ told me that the machines still gave exact readings. If true problem --> alarms even louder.
30/09: The virus made in the news. Incidents happening everywhere. Some claimed responsibility for the attacks. All liars, surely.
1/10: Russia is blamed. Of course.
2/10 Russian technicians blame France.
3/10: Investigations all around. Wonderful for talk shows.
4 My house alarm went off. Tech had to dismantle it.
6/10: Goddamn popups everywhere.
9/10: You know when there's a cat in the street, and meows really loud all night long, and you can't sleep, and you just want to kill something? That is what was happening in the international politics.
11/10: ENEL sent warning letters to everyone regarding their electricity counters. Even though the counters were fine.
12/10: It looks like the cold war all over again.
14/10: People have to walk around with headphones by now. Too much noise.
15/10: people say there're missiles in the USA military bases on Italy. Probably false. Didn't stop them from rioting.
16/10 Hard response from the President.
Recap - will fill it someday
23/10 Groups forming everywhere, blaming everything on CIA, Anonymous, China etc. Protests
26/10: They called the military.
27/10 First dead. They say it was self defense. ?
02/11: I need sleeping pills.
03/11: red red red everything. Every monitor is red. What the fuck.
05/11: Everything stopped. No sounds, no problems. Fear.
05/11: Declared on tv: virus eliminated. terrorists blamed. Apologies all around.

Tension ----------> Virus?