's 2014 Horror Write-off:

" Are You Sleeping "

Submitted by Anonymous

I woke up the other night and went into the kitchen to get a glass of milk. I was a little surprised to see that the lights were on, but since my brother had already gone back to college, I figured it had to be my mom, so I didn’t bother going back to my room to put on some clothes.

So there I was standing in my underwear in the brightly lit kitchen, staring at two grey, hairy creatures who had put my mom on the kitchen table and were pulling organs out of her neatly opened torso, replacing them with identically looking organs they had brought with them.

They looked somewhat like giant flies, I guess, only they didn’t have wings and they were covered in skin, kinda like people, but hairy, yes, quite hairy.

They stopped what they were doing and for a moment, they just returned my stare.

Then one of them said:
“I think she’s sleepwalking again.”

The creature walked up to me, tilted its head, like an owl, and brought its giant eyes very close to my face.
“Are you sleeping?”

I forced myself to put on a hazy little smile and make a “Mhm” sound.

“Then you should go back to bed, shouldn’t you.”


The next morning, my mom made us some waffles for breakfeast. As far as I can tell, she didn’t have any open wounds or stitches, just a red line starting at her chin and disappearing under her blouse. It looked like a rash.

“You haven’t been sleepwalking for a few weeks now”, she said, “Thank goodness. I always find it a little creepy when you’re sleepwalking, to be honest.”