's 2014 Horror Write-off:

" a slight misunderstanding "

Submitted by Birilli

the joker was waiting for me in the empty parking lot
(and not the one youfre thinking of).
the cool breeze brushed my skin and i shivered
(though i donft often get cold).
it watched me from behind the white car
(i couldnft tell you what kind, i never was too good at that).

i was the only one in the lot
(quite surprising for a store that was usually overrun with shoppers).
there wasnft a soul unlocking doors or tossing groceries into trunks
(though every space had a car, all tightly packed into neat rows).
i myself had no bags
(so why was i looking for my car?).
i havenft a clue
(did i even own a car?).

it watched me as i walked down the rows
looking for the car i may not even have
its sunken black eyes following me without ever a glance or tilt of its wrinkly little head
looking for all the world a sick, pink turkey, flesh hanging off its neck in rolls
tortured and plucked free of its feathers
stretched up and up
plastered with thick, fake makeup

i hadnft an idea what it wanted from me
finally after ages of watching it screamed
a long, agonized, horrific scream, a steady stream of the letter leaf ripped straight from the yellowing comic pages
and stuffed down its throat
only to be vomited back up as it ran at me

i screamed in return, fearful
surely it struck to kill
until it screeched in a new way, the same as i
forced its finger into its trachea
through the flesh of its throat without a hesitation
and it whimpered as watery, thick eyes looked at me
i hesitantly reached out to stroke its neck
and whispered that i was sorry
i didnft know.