's 2014 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Hisham H.

There is a clip on the web somewhere.

I saw it only once. I don't know if it's real or fake. These days you never know what twisted stuff people will record.

Shock videos they call them.

Anyway, I don't remember its name. I've tried searching various terms, and now my search history looks like that of a sex offender.

I don't remember downloading it, or which video streaming site I saw it on.

I don't even remember the circumstances surrounding its viewing, whether somebody linked me to a shock video or something I misclicked or whatever.

I'm no longer sure it ever existed. But the memory is so vivid.

It's a clip of childbirth. But there is no sound or anything. The picture quality is pretty bad.

The mother in labor is in the stirrups, and the camera is pointing right at her, well, you know.

When the clip starts, you can already see the head.

The mother seems to be having a hard time, as she's thrashing about.

There really isn't much blood. No liquids dripping.

We see a pair of gloved hands bring in some forceps to help ease the baby out.

You know, the things that look like spatulas.

He inserts them very slowly, into both sides.

He slowly, gingerly eases the baby out, just a little at a time.

Out comes an angry red squalling head, then a shoulder.

The baby seems to be smeared with what looks like petroleum jelly.

He works out one arm, then the other.

Then the torso is worked out.

I thought it would be easier after that, but no.

He frees the legs as well, carefully and slowly, one at a time.

Then everything's out.

It's smeared all over with that viscous jelly.

It's a boy.

The baby is lifted out of view, with the cord still attached.

The cord is slowly, carefully pulled out. The doctor actually sticks his fingers into the birth canal to ease it out.

Then he sticks his whole hand in to take out the placenta. He inserts his arm pretty deep, but very gently.

He removes the placenta carefully as to avoid tearing it.

He carefully turns over the placenta, to show us the side that was attached to the uterine wall.

There is a whitish curd. The video's resolution is pretty bad, so I'm not sure, but it looks like there are two round, glossy black dots, like beady eyes.

And the vague outline of something, with legs and feelers and curled up like a shrimp.

But I'm not sure. Could be just patterns in the placenta and my mind imagining things.

There is surprisingly little blood.

Now the next part I definitely did not imagine. It's the part that really sticks out in my mind, the reason why this clip has stuck with me all this time.

Now as he lifts away the placenta someone jostles the camera, and the last thing we see before the clip ends is some guy in the room wearing medical scrubs, bent over and puking into a bin.

No biggie, probably some medical student seeing childbirth for the first time.

Except he's puking in reverse, the vomit shooting back into his mouth.