's 2014 Horror Write-off:

" Case report #106 "

Submitted by Jacobguy

Case report #106
Day 1: the patient came in for a severe weakness and high fever, after a long series of questioning, blood was taken from the patient and they were kept in the hospital for observation.

Day 6: The patient has begun developing blister-like lesions across their body. The lab result have returned, the patient is carrying two previously unknown pathogens. One appears to be an aggressive strain of immunodeficiency virus, the second seems to be a form of infectious bacteriophage. Further study is needed.

Day 17: The patient's blister-like lesions have begun to develop into pustules all over the dermis. None have yet to burst. Extreme caution is to be practiced when treating the patient.

Day 26: The pathogens have been confirmed to propagate through contact with bodily fluids. Extreme caution is to be practiced.

Day 34: None of the patient's pustules have ruptured since developing. They have begun avoiding water. when questioned why they respond with, "the nice doctor told me stay dehydrated". when questioned further of who the doctor they spoke of was they seemed at a loss, only giving the vague description of, "you know, the one that's sharply dressed with the glasses". The patient is to be kept under closer observation.

Day 58: The Patient refuses to take any fluids at all, even intravenously, and has begun vomiting profusely. They won't stop speaking of the "nice doctor". their pustules have begun drying out, exposing some solid form beneath them.

Day 74: The patient's pustules have finally ruptured, exposing several hundred thousand foreign bodies inside. The shock of the rupturing has forced the patient to go into shock and has passed this morning. The foreign bodies have been gathered by a team of specialists and sent to a lab for analysis.

Day 98: The foreign bodies have been identified as a form of giant virus. It is a complete mystery as of how they came about or where they come from, but one thing is clear. They are to be avoided, and all infected are to be quarantined. Further study is needed.